American Bullion Review

Investing in precious metals like gold and silver can be exciting. American Bullion is a company that helps people do this. They offer many options for saving with these shiny treasures.

American Bullion specializes in turning savings into gold or silver. This is an intelligent way to keep your money safe—like having a treasure chest that can help you in the future.

When looking at an American Bullion review, people learn about their excellent customer service. They help you understand and feel comfortable with their choices. That’s cool for a company dealing with such precious stuff!

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What is American Bullion?

American Bullion stands out as a unique company in the world of precious metals. It provides an essential bridge for individuals to incorporate gold, silver, and other valuable metals in their financial planning and security.

The Visionary Behind It

Orkan Ozkan brought American Bullion to life in 2009. His vision was to simplify the process of investing in precious metals and make it accessible and secure for everyone.


It is nestled in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California. American Bullion’s headquarters serves as the heart of its operations.

Business Model

American Bullion’s business model focuses on two main areas. The direct sale of precious metals. And the innovative inclusion of metals in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

They specialize in converting existing retirement accounts into gold IRAs, which diversify and potentially stabilize investment portfolios against market fluctuations.

A Team Full of Experts

The most important part of American Bullion is its team. These experts know much about gold, silver, and other precious metals. They help you understand how to buy these metals. Plus, they explain why having some can be a good idea.

Furthermore, they care about teaching their customers and ensuring they get great service. This helps their customers make smart choices.

What are the Services Offered by American Bullion?

American Bullion helps you manage your money by offering different services related to gold and silver. They show you how to save gold and silver for the future or just buy it to have.

Gold IRA

A gold IRA is a way to save gold so you can use it when you retire. American Bullion helps you set up these special accounts.

They ensure you get the right kind of gold that the government says is okay to use for this and help with all the paperwork to get your account ready.

Silver IRA

Just like a gold IRA, a silver IRA lets you save silver for when you retire. Silver costs less than gold, so it can be easier to start saving with it. American Bullion can help you buy the right silver and add it to your retirement savings account.

IRA Transfer and Rollover

If you already have a retirement account like a 401(k) or something else, American Bullion can move your money into a gold or silver IRA. They ensure it’s done right, so you don’t lose money or pay extra taxes when moving it over.

Direct Delivery

Some people want to buy gold or silver and keep it in their homes. American Bullion can sell it directly to you. They send it over securely, so you get it without any trouble.

Precious Metals Storage

If you don’t want to keep your gold or silver at home, American Bullion has places to keep it safe. They use special storage places that look after your metals until you need them. These places make sure your investment is protected and safe.

What are the Benefits of Investing in American Bullion?

Investing your money in American Bullion can be great for your wallet, making your money stable and possibly leading to more cash.

Here’s how this decision might help you save and earn better:

1. Diversification of Portfolio

One good thing about American Bullion is that it helps mix your money into different things. Having all your cash in one type can be a bad idea. When the market falls, you might lose money.

But metals like gold and silver don’t always follow the stock market. Adding them from American Bullion to what you own lowers the chance of losing a lot all at once. Mixing up means you’re safer when money gets tight.

2. Hedge Against Inflation

Inflation makes everything cost more, and the money you have gets weaker. With time, inflation can shrink the value of your cash and things like bonds. But gold and silver often keep their worth.

Buying these metals with American Bullion can protect your savings from losing power, even as prices increase. It’s like a shield for the cash you keep.

3. Protection Against Economic Uncertainty

Money matters can be tricky, with fast changes that might hurt your savings. American Bullion lets you put your cash in gold and silver, which many consider safer when the market is rough.

When there’s trouble, the price of these metals increases because people trust them more than other investments. This choice can protect your money when things aren’t certain.

4. Potential for Higher Returns

Besides being safe, metals like gold and silver can also jump in value quickly when the market’s right or everyone wants them. American Bullion lets you take advantage of these opportunities, and you could make a lot more.

Putting your cash in precious metals isn’t just to be cautious; it also opens doors to earning big if their prices increase.

Investing in American Bullion does more than just get you pieces of gold and silver. It’s a wise choice that guards your cash and can help it grow.

With a mix of investments, protection against inflation, a shield against sudden money drops, and the outlook for making more, American Bullion could be a clever part of your money plans.

How to Open an Account with American Bullion

Opening an account with American Bullion is a detailed process designed to make purchasing physical gold or silver for your retirement account hassle-free.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: Learn About American Bullion

Begin by understanding American Bullion’s services. They specialize in adding physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to retirement savings, which can help protect your funds.

Step 2: Connect with American Bullion

You can contact them by calling 1-800-465-3472 or requesting a free information guide on gold investment through their online form.

Step 3: Decide on Your Investment

You can choose whether to transfer retirement funds into a gold IRA, buy physical gold, or invest in other precious metals. Their website explains these options and their advantages.

Step 4: Fill in the Application

Navigate to the website’s application section to locate the necessary paperwork. You’ll need to complete a form, decide how to fund your investments, and pick out the types of precious metals you want.

Step 5: Fund Your New Account

Follow their instructions to transfer funds into your account. This will likely involve transferring from an existing retirement account.

Step 6: Buy and Store Your Metals

Once your account has money in it, choose which metals to buy. American Bullion will store them in secure storage free for the first year and doesn’t bill for account-keeping during this period.

What are the Fees and Expenses Involved?

When you open a gold IRA with American Bullion, there are some costs you’ll need to know about.

Let’s find out about them in the below table:

Fee Type: Details:
Setup Fees: Required to open a gold IRA account. Costs vary from as low as $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on the account type.
Transaction Fees: Charged for buying or selling assets within the IRA. Acts as a commission. Varies depending on the brokerage or investment platform, with online platforms potentially offering lower fees.
Termination Fees: Applied when closing an account or rolling it over into another account. Typically, it is around $150, but it can be higher, especially for frequent large transfers.
Mutual Fund Management Fees: Percentage fees paid to compensate the fund manager for owning a mutual fund within the IRA. Rates range from 0.5% to 2%, with index funds generally having lower fees than actively managed funds.
Load Fees: Commissions paid to mutual fund companies. Includes front-end loads (paid when purchasing the fund) and back-end loads (paid upon selling the fund).

American Bullion’s Special Offer: Save on Your Gold IRA

American Bullion presents an offer where the first year’s storage and custodian account fees are waived. To qualify, you must open a new gold IRA with at least $50,000 through a transfer or rollover.

This offer applies to various IRA types, such as traditional, Roth, SEP, or SIMPLE IRAs. It’s designed to make moving to a gold IRA simple and tax-free while providing an incentive through savings. When you take advantage of this promotion, your first year could save $320.


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What are the Customer Reviews and Ratings for American Bullion?

American Bullion has received a variety of customer reviews across different platforms. From glowing feedback on Trustlink and Yellow Pages to slightly mixed reactions on Google and Yelp, the overall sentiment leans toward satisfaction with their services.

The collection of reviews highlights American Bullion’s reputation as a generally well-regarded precious metals investment company.

Review Platform: Number of Reviews: Average Rating:
Trustpilot: 203 reviews 4.9 out of 5
TrustLink: 57 reviews 5 out of 5
Google: 49 reviews 3.8 out of 5
BBB: 5 reviews 5 out of 5
Yelp: 19 reviews 3.3 out of 5
Yellow Pages: 24 reviews 5 out of 5


On Trustpilot, American Bullion is doing well. It got a score of 4.9 out of 5 from 203 reviews. This means many customers were happy with their service and said very good things about them.


American Bullion also has great reviews on TrustLink. There, they scored 5 out of 5 from 57 reviews. This shows that people who used their services were very satisfied and likely to recommend them to others.


On Google, American Bullion has a mix of good and not-so-good reviews, with a score of 3.8 out of 5 from 49 reviews. This tells us that while many people liked their service, there were a few who had some issues or weren’t as happy.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

The Better Business Bureau shows that the few people who left reviews there (5 in total) all thought American Bullion was great, giving it a 5 out of 5 score. Based on these reviews, it looks like the company is very trustworthy.


Yelp shows more mixed feelings from customers. American Bullion got a 3.3 out of 5 score from 19 reviews. This suggests that some customers really liked their service, but others were not as impressed.

Yellow Pages

Lastly, on Yellow Pages, American Bullion got fantastic feedback. It scored 5 out of 5 from 24 reviews, meaning that everyone who left a review was really happy with their experience.

Pros and Cons of American Bullion

American Bullion is known for its precious metal investments. The company has a good reputation. Nevertheless, like any company, it has areas where it shines. And other areas where some customers feel there’s room to get better.

Here’s a breakdown into simpler language:


  • Great Help from Staff: Lots of people say the people at American Bullion are friendly, and they know their stuff. They’re always ready to answer questions, which makes customers happy, and they come back for more.
  • Easy IRA Setup: Setting up a retirement account with gold can be tricky. But American Bullion makes it easier. This is a big win for people who aren’t sure how to start saving gold for their later years.
  • Lots of Choices: You can pick from different types of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. That means people can find the best fit for their investment plan.
  • Trustworthy: People trust American Bullion because it’s built a good name over time. This means investors feel safe putting their money with them.
  • Learning Resources: The company gives you lots of info to help you understand how precious metal investing works. This is really helpful, especially for new investors.
  • Buying is a Breeze: Many customers say buying from American Bullion is straightforward, without any stress or problems.
  • Secure Shipping: They take extra care when shipping precious metals. This is important because it means your investment arrives safely at your doorstep.


  • Fees Could Be Lower: Some customers have said that the prices American Bullion asks for some services are a bit high. People like to save money, so when they think prices are too steep, they may look elsewhere.
  • Communication Hiccups: There have been a few times when customers didn’t get the info they needed fast enough or things were confusing. This doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s something American Bullion could work on.
  • Mixed Online Reviews: While many people like their service, not every review is perfect. Some websites show that not everyone’s experiences have been great. So, making sure every customer is happy is something they could aim for.

Is American Bullion a Legitimate Company?

Yes, American Bullion is a real and trustworthy company. It helps people buy and invest in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

The company has a good reputation, meaning a lot of people have used its services and are happy with it. They are especially known for helping customers add gold to their retirement savings through something called a gold IRA.

American Bullion offers various products and also provides helpful information to guide people who want to invest.

What are the Alternatives to American Bullion?

If you’re thinking about investing in precious metals and considering American Bullion, there are other gold IRA firms like Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, and American Hartford Gold that you can also look into.

Here’s a quick overview:

1. Goldco

Goldco helps people invest in gold and silver, especially through IRAs (a type of retirement account). They are known for good customer service and for teaching their clients about investing. Goldco can guide you if you want to move money from another retirement account into metals.

2. Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is another company that focuses on gold and silver IRAs. What makes them special is how they treat their customers.

This company makes sure you understand everything and have a personal agent to help you. They are open about their prices too.

3. American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold also lets people invest in gold, silver, and platinum. They’re big on teaching their clients how the market works and offer fair prices.

If you have an existing retirement account, they can help you change it to include metals. Picking the right company means thinking about what matters to you.

Look at how they treat their customers, what fees they charge, what they offer, and how much they help you learn. Each company mentioned has something good to offer, so pick the one that fits your needs the best.


In short, American Bullion is a good option when you want to add gold and silver to your retirement savings. They give helpful support and make the process pretty simple. It’s a solid choice if you’re thinking about a gold or silver IRA.

But remember, it’s always smart to look at different companies. Ask questions to figure out which one is best for what you need for your retirement money.

Check out what American Bullion offers and compare it with other companies. To make sure you’re making the best move for your future savings.


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