APMEX Review

APMEX is a favorite online spot for people to buy things like gold and silver, and it’s also famous for helping with gold IRA plans. A gold IRA plan is a special retirement account where you can save gold or other metals to use when you retire.

APMEX has a huge choice of over 10,000 products for customers. You can find new and old coins, bullion, and money from different countries there. This makes APMEX great for anyone looking for a variety of precious metal items all in one place.

APMEX is known for being safe and reliable. In this APMEX review let’s find out how they do their business. How they provide helpful information, and have great customer service.

This makes buying or selling with them worry-free. Perfect for both beginners and more experienced investors wanting to add to their collections.

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What is APMEX?

APMEX stands for American Precious Metals Exchange. APMEX is a leading company in the online trade of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

It was started in 1999 by a person named Scott Thomas, and its main office is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This company helps people buy and sell precious metals online.

Founder and Beginning

APMEX started from humble beginnings, blossoming into a billion-dollar company that prioritizes growth, values, and success through nurturing its employees and maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

It was originally founded by Scott Thomas, who was inspired by his grandfather, a small mail-order coin dealer. This familial passion for coin collecting led Thomas to eventually sell part of his grandfather’s collection on eBay.

This online selling laid the groundwork for APMEX’s emergence as a significant player in the precious metals market.

Team and Knowledge

The APMEX team is full of smart people who know a lot about precious metals and how to help customers. They have experts in old coins and those who understand the economy and investing.

Their customer service team works hard to make sure every buyer and seller gets the help they need. Making the process easy and enjoyable for everyone, no matter how much they already know about precious metals.

How Does APMEX Work?

APMEX makes it easy for people to buy and sell precious metals like gold and silver online.

Here’s a simple guide to how their service works:

  1. Online Shopping Experience: APMEX has a website where you can look at lots of different precious metal items. You can find new coins, heavy bars, or even old rare coins. You can choose what you want to buy by type, price, or the kind of metal.
  2. Buying Metals: If you find something you want to buy, you can do it right on their website. APMEX shows the latest prices for all their items, so you know you’re getting a fair deal based on what the metals are worth in the market.
  3. Selling to APMEX: If you have your own metals and want to sell them, APMEX can buy them from you. You can get in touch with their team through the website, and they’ll help you with the sale. They offer good prices that match up with what the metals cost in the market.
  4. Educational Resources: APMEX doesn’t just sell metals; they also teach about them. They have easy-to-read articles and reports that can help you learn more about the precious metal’s world, whether you are just starting or know a lot already.
  5. Customer Service: APMEX is proud of how they help their customers. If you have a question or need help with anything, their team is there to assist you. They make sure everyone who uses APMEX has a good experience and learns something new.

APMEX gives a safe and simple way for anyone to get into the world of precious metals. Whether you are new to buying and selling or have been doing it for a while, APMEX wants to make the process easy for you.

What Products does APMEX Offer?

APMEX has a lot of products for anyone interested in buying precious metals, whether you’re saving money or collecting special items.

Let’s look at the main things you can find on APMEX!

1. Gold and Silver Bullion

For those who want to invest and save money, APMEX offers gold and silver in different shapes like bars, round pieces, and coins.

These come in many sizes, so you can choose what fits your budget and goals. People like these products because they are made of valuable metals and are a good way to keep your money safe.

2. Rare Coins

If you love collecting old and special coins, APMEX has many choices. These coins are not just valuable because of the metal they’re made from but also because they are rare and have interesting stories from history. Whether really old coins or ones that are just a few decades old, there’s a lot for coin lovers.

3. Precious Metal IRA

APMEX also helps people who are planning for retirement and want to include precious metals, like gold or silver, in their retirement savings.

This can be a smart move because it protects your savings from things like inflation (when money buys less over time) and makes your future more secure.

4. Collectibles

Besides just bullion and coins for investing, APMEX also has fun collectibles. These could be special edition coins, ones with fun designs, or coins made for certain events.

They’re great for people who like to collect things because they’re unique or interesting, not just for the value of the metal.

No matter if you’re saving money for the future, collecting special coins, or looking for precious metals for your retirement, APMEX has lots of options to choose from.

What are the Benefits of Buying from APMEX?

When you choose to buy from APMEX, you get a lot of great benefits whether you’re new to investing in precious metals or have been doing it for a while.

Here are some key advantages of shopping with APMEX:

1. Wide Selection of Products

APMEX has tons of options to choose from. If you’re looking for gold, silver, rare coins, or fun collectibles, APMEX probably has what you need. This big selection helps you find exactly what you want all in one place, which is super convenient.

2. Competitive Prices

Getting a good price is important when you buy precious metals. APMEX keeps an eye on the market to offer you prices that are good and fair. This means you can often find deals that fit your budget, whether you’re investing or collecting.

3. Secure and Insured Shipping

Buying online can be worrisome because you want your items to arrive safely. APMEX makes sure that everything you order is sent securely and is insured.

This means your items are protected from when they send them until they arrive at your home, so you don’t have to worry.

4. Trusted Reputation

Trust is very important when you’re buying precious metals. APMEX is well-known for being dependable and providing great service.

They have built a good reputation over the years. This is really important for buyers who are either starting out or experts who are looking for specific collectible items.

Shopping at APMEX helps you find a wide variety of high-quality products, get good prices, and feel safe about the shipping. Plus, you can trust that you’re dealing with a reliable gold investment company that cares about its customers.

What are the Potential Risks of Buying from APMEX?

While APMEX offers a lot of benefits for precious metal buyers, there are a few risks to consider.

Here’s a look at some challenges you might face:

1. Market Fluctuations

The prices of metals like gold and silver change often because of market trends. This means if you buy metal at one price, it might be worth more or less later.

Metals prices can go up and down, and these changes can affect your investment’s value. Remember, investing in metals should usually be for the long term, which helps reduce the risk from these price swings.

2. Counterfeit Products

Even though APMEX has a good track record of selling genuine products, there’s always a risk of finding fake products in the precious metals market.

APMEX checks its products carefully to avoid this, but it’s a problem in the industry. Always be cautious, especially when buying from other sellers.

3. Shipping Delays

Sometimes items you order might arrive late. Delays can happen because of a lot of orders, bad weather, or issues with the mail service.

APMEX tries to send things out quickly and safely, but sometimes these delays can happen, and they’re usually beyond their control. Delays can be annoying, especially if you need your items fast or by a specific date.

Knowing about these risks helps you make smarter choices when buying from APMEX or any other dealer in precious metals. Even with these concerns, many people find buying metals a good choice for investing or collecting.


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How to Purchase from APMEX

Here’s a simple guide to purchasing from APMEX through different methods:

1. Online Purchase

Purchasing online is easy and convenient. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Website: Head to APMEX.com.
  2. Choose Products: Find the items you want by browsing categories or using the search function.
  3. Add to Cart: Click on the item you like and then select “Add to Cart.”
  4. Checkout: Go to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout by filling in required details like shipping address and payment information.
  5. Confirm Order: Make sure your order details are correct and place your order by clicking the confirmation button.

2. Phone Order

To order by phone, take note of the following:

  1. Prepare Item List: Know the names or item numbers of products you wish to buy.
  2. Call for Service: Dial the customer service number, which is typically listed on the APMEX website. For quick reference: 1 (800) 375-9006.
  3. Place Your Order: Speak with a representative, provide the details of the items you want, and complete your purchase with their assistance.

3. In-Person at Retail Store

For a face-to-face buying experience:

  1. Location Visit: Travel to APMEX’s retail store. The address and hours of operation can be found on their official website.
  2. Select Items: Browse the store, select your items, and ask staff members if you need help.
  3. Make Payment: Head to the checkout, pay for your goods, and you can immediately take your items with you.

Remember, regardless of how you decide to purchase from APMEX – online, by phone, or in-person – each method is designed to provide you with a secure and satisfying shopping experience. Choose the option that feels most comfortable for you.

APMEX Fees and Pricing

If you’re thinking about buying gold, silver, or other kinds of metals from APMEX, it’s helpful to know about the costs and how they set their prices.

Below is a simplified table summarizing the costs and fees associated with purchasing and storing metals at APMEX:

Description: Details:
Metal Prices: Prices close to real-time market rates.
Yearly Storage Fees: $180 – $550 based on how much you store.
Monthly Storage Fees: $15.00 – $45.84 per month.
Storage Rate: 0.45% – 0.55% of your metal’s value.
Payment Discount: Save 4% if paying by check, eCheck, or bank wire.
IRA Minimum Purchase: Minimum $2,000 investment for IRA metals.
Price Lock-In: Price is fixed once you place an order.
Shipping Fees: Free on US orders over $199.
* Storage costs and fees are managed through Citadel.

Is APMEX a Trustworthy Company?

When checking if APMEX is trustworthy, it’s good to look at what customers have said on different review websites.

Here are the details:

Platform: Total Reviews: Ratings:
BBB (Better Business Bureau): 215 4.2/5
Sitejabber: 50 1.8/5
Trustpilot: 7,912 1.7/5
Consumer Affairs: 261 3.6/5
Yelp: 57 2.5/5

1. Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau): APMEX has an A+ rating and a customer review score of 2 out of 5 from 215 people. This high score means they are generally seen as a reliable company.
  • Sitejabber: APMEX gets a lower score here, with 8 out of 5 from 50 reviews. This suggests that some customers were not happy with their experience.
  • TrustPilot: A large number of people, 7,912, reviewed APMEX giving it a 7 out of 5. This low score means many customers had issues.
  • Consumer Affairs: Here, APMEX has a better score of 6 out of 5 based on 261 reviews. This means quite a few customers had positive experiences.
  • Yelp: APMEX has a middle score of 5 out of 5 from 57 reviews. This mixed score shows that some customers liked it and some had problems.

2. BBB Accreditation and Rating

APMEX has the top score, an A+, from the BBB. This means they are seen as a good company that tries to fix any problems for their customers. The highest score from the BBB shows that APMEX is likely a trustworthy place to buy from.

3. Industry Reputation

APMEX is known in the business of selling precious metals. They have a lot of feedback from different places, good and bad.

Even though not all customers are happy, APMEX is seen as a serious business because it has good ratings like the A+ from the BBB. This means they are known for being professional and caring about their customers.

Pros and Cons of APMEX

When considering purchasing precious metals from APMEX, it’s helpful to weigh the pros and cons.

Below are mentioned some of them:


  • Lots of Choices: APMEX sells many different kinds of precious metals, giving buyers lots of options.
  • Reliable: The top score from the BBB means you can trust APMEX to take care of any problems.
  • Helpful Support: Many people say APMEX’s team is good at helping buyers, whether you’re new or have bought before.
  • Easy Website: Finding what you want and learning about metals is easy on their site.
  • Buyback Option: APMEX lets you sell back metals easily, which is nice if you need to.
  • Safe to Buy: Customers feel their money is safe when buying because APMEX focuses on keeping your info private.
  • Learning Tools: They offer guides and tips for people new to metal investing.


  • Can Be Pricy: Some buyers think APMEX’s prices are higher than others, which might be a downside if you want the cheapest deals.
  • Different Experiences: Not everyone is fully happy. Some people didn’t have the best service, which shows it can vary.
  • Shipping: A few people were not happy with the shipping cost and how it’s handled, saying other sellers might do it better or cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is JM Bullion better than APMEX?

Choosing between JM Bullion and APMEX depends on what you’re looking for. JM Bullion might have better prices sometimes, but APMEX offers a wider selection and more educational resources. It really comes down to your personal preferences on selection, price, and customer service.

Q2. Is APMEX a good place to sell gold?

Yes, APMEX is considered a good platform for selling gold due to its buyback policy, which is straightforward and competitive. They streamline the process for those looking to sell gold, making it as hassle-free as possible.

Q3. Does APMEX have a minimum order?

APMEX used to have a minimum order requirement in the past, but it has changed over time to accommodate more customers. It’s best to check directly on their website for the most current information regarding order minimums.

Q4. Who is APMEX owned by?

APMEX was founded by Scott Thomas in 1999. As a leading online dealer in the precious metals market, it is largely owned and operated under the leadership of its founder, making it a privately held company deeply rooted in industry expertise.

Q5. Does APMEX store your gold?

Yes, APMEX offers a storage solution known as Citadel Global Depository Services, Inc., which is a secure, managed storage option for precious metals. This service provides an insured and safe way to store your gold away from your home if you prefer.


In simple words, APMEX is a good choice if you want to buy or sell gold and silver. They have lots of different coins and bars to choose from, and they teach you about investing.

They’re also trusted for selling your metals back easily. While sometimes their prices might be a touch higher, they try to make buying safe and worry-free.

Plus, they can keep your gold safe in storage if you don’t want to keep it at home. Everyone has different needs and likes, but APMEX works hard to meet a lot of them for people who are into precious metals.


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