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Afghanistan What Should Be Done?

Foreign policy discussions have not been a feature here. But I did spend 2.5 years working for the IMF and another 20 working as an economic consultant in developing countries. In all, I have worked in 45 countries and consequently … Continue reading

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Global Power Perceptions: Part Two – The Fragmentation View

In the previous posting on global power, I examined power from an “empire” perspective. Empire implies concentrated power, usually for economic gain – not just for the acquisition of power per se. I speculated that in the 21st Century, China … Continue reading

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The US Bailout/Stimulus Plans: Are They Affordable?

Considerable concern has recently been expressed over the latest government bailout/stimulus announcements. In particular, many observers see the Federal Reserve’s plans to buy up $1 trillion of mortgages and long term Treasuries as being inflationary. In addition, the Congressional Budget … Continue reading

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