Augusta Precious Metals Vs. American Hartford Gold

Investing in gold and silver has always been a good way to diversify your portfolio and protect your money from major economic changes.

Two of the top gold IRA companies that help people invest in precious metals are Augusta Precious Metals vs. American Hartford Gold.

In this comparison, I will look into what each company offers. How trustworthy they are, what customers think of them, and what benefits come with investing through them.

Whether you’re new to buying precious metals or you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s important to know how these two big names stack up against each other.

STOP! Before I go any further, I want you to think carefully about where you’re putting your money. Picking the right company to invest with is a big deal, and I know my advice might help you decide that.

I’ve spent much time looking around and compiled a list of my favorite gold IRA companies. I think you’ll probably find one that’s just right for you.

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Quick Overview

  • CEO: Isaac Nuriani
  • BBB: 4.95/5 Out of 102 Customer Reviews
  • Available Metals: Gold and Silver
  • Minimum Investment: $50,000
  • Promotions: No
  • Free Kit Available: Yes
  • CEO: Sanford Mann
  • BBB: 4.89/5 Out of 521 Customer Reviews
  • Available Metals: Gold and Silver
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Promotions: Get Up to $5,000 in Free Silver on Qualified Purchases
  • Free Kit Available: Yes
Disclosure: “The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Goldco or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.”

About Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a respected name in the investing world, particularly known for its gold and silver retirement accounts. Since 2012, they’ve been helping people save for retirement with precious metals.

Isaac Nuriani started the company to teach others about the benefits of investing in gold and silver and to give them different options to strengthen their retirement savings.

They run their business from Casper, Wyoming, but they work with clients nationwide through the Internet. Their reputation is built on being upfront and honest with their customers. Making sure they know what they’re getting into when they invest.

Having famous people like the ex-NFL star quarterback Joe Montana say good things about them makes people trust Augusta even more. Joe Montana became a fan after his financial experts told him they were a great choice.

Many magazines have said Augusta Precious Metals is doing an excellent job. For example, Money Magazine called them the “Best Overall Gold IRA Company” in 2023, which is a big deal and shows they know what they’re doing.

Education is a big deal for them, too. They have Devlyn Steele, who knows much about economics since he studied at Harvard.

He helps the company teach its clients, through online classes, articles, and videos, how the economy affects gold and silver prices.

In simple terms, Augusta Precious Metals isn’t just there to sell gold and silver. They want to ensure their clients understand investing and feel confident about their choices.

With sound advice, high praise from trusted names, and a commitment to teaching their customers well, Augusta Precious Metals is considered a company that cares about secure and informed retirement planning.

What Services Does Augusta Precious Metals Offer?

Augusta Precious Metals is known for being a top choice for investing in precious metals. They provide services for people who want to add gold and silver to their investments and give much help and information.

Here are the main services they offer:

1. Precious Metals IRAs

They focus on setting up and managing gold and silver IRAs, which are special savings accounts for retirement in which you can actually own physical gold and silver.

This can help protect your savings from things like inflation or big market swings. Augusta Precious Metals makes moving your retirement savings into a gold or silver IRA easy, following all the rules.

2. Educational Resources

They believe in making sure their clients know what they’re doing. They have lots of learning tools like webinars, videos, and guides. These are meant to help new and experienced investors understand more about investing in precious metals.

3. Free IRA Kit

If you’re considering starting a gold or silver IRA, they have a free gold IRA kit explaining everything. It covers the benefits, how to get started, and how they can help. It’s great for anyone just starting to think about it.

4. Buyback Program

They offer a program where you can sell your gold and silver back to them if you need to get your investment back in cash. The details might change, but it’s there for extra security if you need to sell.

5. Depository Services

Because you’re dealing with real gold and silver, you need a safe place to keep it. Augusta Precious Metals works with several secure storage places across the US.

These are very safe vaults where your gold and silver are kept safe and insured. You can pick which one to use, so you feel good knowing your investments are protected.

What Sets Augusta Precious Metals Apart from Other Gold Investment Companies?

Augusta Precious Metals is better than other gold investment companies for a few important reasons:

  • Focus on Teaching Customers: Augusta Precious Metals wants to make sure customers understand precious metals investing well. They offer many resources and one-on-one chats to help people learn before investing.
  • Personalized Service: They assigns each investor a success agent, making sure everyone gets help that’s just right for their investment plans.
  • Clear About Costs: They are very open about all the fees and how much things cost, which means no surprise charges for investors. This makes people trust them more.
  • Trusted Reputation: People and trusted groups like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) say good things about Augusta, which shows that they care about making their customers happy.
  • No Pressure: Unlike some companies, Augusta doesn’t pressure people to make quick decisions. Instead, it focuses on helping and providing good information.
  • Help for Life: Investors with Augusta get help and support for as long as they need it, not just when buying.
  • Follows the Rules: They are very serious about doing things correctly and ethically, which gives customers peace of mind.
  • Easy to Start Gold IRAs: Augusta makes starting a gold IRA straightforward and less scary for first-timers.
If you would like to learn more about the company:

About American Hartford Gold

This family-owned company helps people invest in precious things like gold and silver. It was started in 2015 by Sanford Mann, who wanted his company to be known for being honest and good at helping people.

The business sets up shop in Los Angeles, California, and it’s become increasingly popular over the past few years.

That’s because many people are looking to invest in different things, like gold and silver, especially when money is losing its value or the economy is shaky.

People really like American Hartford Gold. It’s got a bunch of good reviews and high scores for making things simple for customers and treating them well.

The company is all about teaching people how to make smart choices with their money and ensuring they feel safe when investing in gold and silver.

Some famous folks, like Bill O’Reilly, say good things about American Hartford Gold, which makes more people trust and know about it. Big-money magazines have discussed it, showing it’s a top dog in the gold and silver market.

So, American Hartford Gold is more than just a business that lets you buy precious metals; it’s about a family’s promise to make investing personal and safe, with lots of guidance and support along the way.

They’re set on helping people keep their wealth strong through smart metal investments, and they’re good at it.

What Services Does American Hartford Gold Offer?

American Hartford Gold helps people invest in precious metals. They have different services to help both new and seasoned investors.

Here is a list of the services they offer:

1. Precious Metals IRAs

This company lets you add more than just gold and silver to your retirement savings with Precious Metals IRAs. They help you roll over your retirement funds and buy and store the right metals for your IRA.

2. Education Resources

To help you understand the market, American Hartford Gold has educational resources. These easy-to-read guides and articles teach you about buying and selling precious metals.

3. Buyback Programs

They have buyback programs ready if you need to sell your precious metals. They promise to give you a fair price and make the selling process easy.

4.Free IRA Kit

They offer a free gold IRA kit for people interested in starting a precious metals IRA. This packet has all the information you need, such as the steps to get started and what metals you can choose.

5. Depository Service

Keeping your precious metals safe is important, and that’s why American Hartford Gold has depository services. They store your investments in special, secure places that are watched over and insured.

American Hartford Gold provides various services, including different options for precious metals IRAs, learning materials, services to help you sell your metals, a free kit for those starting an IRA, and safe places to keep your metals. They make it easy for anyone to invest in precious metals.

What Sets American Hartford Gold Apart from Other Gold Investment Companies?

American Hartford Gold is unique among gold investment companies because it focuses on customer satisfaction, clear communication, and a wide range of services.

Here are the main features that make American Hartford Gold stand out:

  • Excellent Customer Service: American Hartford Gold puts a lot of effort into providing excellent customer service. They offer personalized help and support for every client, whether you are new to investing in gold or have a lot of experience. Their expert team is always ready to help clients make smart investment choices.
  • Clear and Honest: This company values being open and honest with its clients. Everything about your investment, including any risks and benefits, is explained clearly without hidden fees. This honesty helps build trust with customers.
  • Wide Range of Products: They offer many products, from gold and silver coins to bars and special sets. They keep up with the latest trends and always have various items to choose from, making it easier for investors to find what they need.
  • Competitive Prices: American Hartford Gold works hard to keep its prices fair and competitive. It has good connections with mints and distributors, which helps it offer great prices to its clients. This makes investing in precious metals more affordable for everyone.
If you would like to learn more about the company:


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Comparison of Services and Offerings

This analysis aims to help potential investors better understand which gold IRA company is the best choice when investing in precious metal IRAs and buying directly.

1. Which Company Offers Better Pricing?

Pricing is a critical factor when investing in precious metals that can significantly impact an investor’s decision-making process.

In this section, I’ll compare the pricing, fees, and minimum investment requirements of Augusta Precious Metals and American Hartford Gold.

Augusta Precious Metals

Pricing: Detail:
Custodian Application Fee: $50 (One-time):
Sample Depository Fee: $100 (First-Year)
Custodian Annual Fee: $100 (First-Year Included, then yearly)
One-Time Total Setup Fee: $250
Sample Annual Storage Fee: $100 (Yearly, after the first year)
Recurring Custodian Fee: $100 (Yearly, after the first year)
Minimum Starting Contribution: $50,000
Accepted Payment Methods: Bank Wire, Personal Check, Retirement Rollover
Initial Investment Cost: $50,250 (Minimum plus Setup Fee)
Subsequent Annual Fee: $200

American Hartford Gold

Pricing: Detail:
Initial Service Charge: $230 (One-time):
Annual Safety and Service Fee: $100 or $150
Yearly Custodian Expense: Approximately $180
Entry Point for Gold IRA: $10,000
Cash Account Minimum: $5,000
Unique Feature: Easy precious metal sell-back program
Account Opening Deposit: Lower compared to the competition
Financial Commitment (First Year): Variable based on account choice
Costs After the Initial Year (Approximation): Between $280 and $330

2. Which Company Has Better Customer Reviews?

Let’s compare customer satisfaction for Augusta Precious Metals and American Hartford Gold by analyzing reviews and ratings across various trusted platforms.

Augusta Precious Metals

Platform: Ratings / Reviews:
Better Business Bureau: A+ (106 reviews)
TrustLink: 5/5 (287 reviews)
Trustpilot 4.8 (46 reviews)
ConsumerAffairs: 5/5 (139 reviews)
Google My Business: 4.9/5 (459 reviews)
Business Consumer Alliance: AAA (99 reviews)
Facebook: 4.8-star rating

American Hartford Gold

Platform: Ratings / Reviews:
Better Business Bureau: A+ (521 reviews)
TrustLink: 5/5 (2 reviews)
Trustpilot: 4.8/5 (1,236 reviews)
ConsumerAffairs: 4.7/5 (860 reivews)
Google My Business: 4.8/5 (1,045 reviews)

3. Which Company Has More Experience in the Gold Investment Industry?

When considering an investment in the gold industry, the experience of the company you choose to guide you is important. In this section, I’ll examine which company has been in the gold investment business longer and knows it better.

Augusta Precious Metals, founded in 2012, has been operational for over a decade, specializing in gold and silver IRAs.

On the other hand, American Hartford Gold, established in 2015, has been in the industry for fewer years than Augusta. With approximately seven years of experience, American Hartford Gold focuses on gold and silver sales, including IRAs.

Despite its shorter tenure, American Hartford Gold has earned a notable reputation. Yet, Augusta Precious Metals brings nearly 11 years of expertise, making it the more experienced entity in the gold investment industry.

4. Which Company Has a Better Reputation?

Between Augusta Precious Metals and American Hartford Gold, determining which company has a better reputation necessitates a careful look at customer feedback, industry ratings, and expert endorsements from each.

Augusta Precious Metals is great for its specialized focus on gold IRAs, which caters to retirees and individuals looking for wealth preservation through precious metals. They are highly praised for their educational efforts, customer service, and transparent practices.

American Hartford Gold similarly enjoys a solid reputation, particularly its competitive pricing, wide selection of precious metals, and strong customer service orientation.

However, regarding overall industry recognition, Augusta Precious Metals often receives higher acclaim for its personalized approach and comprehensive financial education. This makes Augusta Precious Metals slightly edge out in terms of reputation within the precious metals community.

Pros and Cons of Augusta Precious Metals and American Hartford Gold

Let’s discuss the pros of these companies and what might be a drawback for people thinking about investing with them. Understanding these points can help anyone make a better choice when buying precious metals.

Augusta Precious Metals


  • Great Customer Service: Augusta Precious Metals is known for providing excellent customer service and ensuring that customers understand what they’re buying.
  • Clear Pricing: They disclose all costs upfront, so there are no surprises about extra fees later.
  • Helpful Learning Materials: They offer a lot of information to help new and experienced buyers understand investing in precious metals.
  • Easy to Start: They make it simple to set up a new account for buying gold and silver, which can usually be complicated.
  • There are Lots of Choices: They sell various gold and silver items, which is great for people looking to diversify their investments.


  • High Minimum Investment: Augusta Precious Metals might not fit everyone because you need a lot of money to start investing with them.
  • Mainly for US Customers: They mostly serve people in the US, so if you’re from another country, you might need to find another company.

American Hartford Gold


  • Family-Owned: Being run by a family, American Hartford Gold offers a personal and trustworthy service.
  • Buy-Back Option: They promise to buy back the metals they sell, making it easier for you to sell them whenever you need to.
  • Variety of Products: Their selection includes many different gold, silver, and platinum items that are good for various investment plans.


  • Relatively New: They haven’t been around as long as some other companies, which may concern some buyers looking for a proven track record.
  • Strong Sales Tactics: Some people might find their sales methods too pushy, which might not sit well with everyone.

Which Gold Investment Company is Right for You?

When deciding between these two gold IRA companies, your personal investment goals should guide your decision.

Augusta Precious Metals is known for its customer-focused approach, providing educational resources and personalized advice. This company is great for those who value learning and tailored investment support.

On the other hand, American Hartford Gold offers a wide selection of gold and silver products, competitive pricing, and a strong buyback plan. This makes it ideal for investors who prioritize having various investment options and the ability to easily sell back their metals.


In conclusion, choosing between these companies depends on your specific needs as an investor. If personalized guidance and education are crucial, Augusta Precious Metals is the way forward.

However, American Hartford Gold might better meet your needs if you’re looking for various investment options and flexible pricing. Select wisely to match your investment strategy.


Goldco Precious Metals

  • Goldco Surpasses $2 Billion in Precious Metals Placements
  • Over 5,000 Five-Star Ratings on BBB, Trustpilot, and ConsumerAffairs
  • Seven-Time Winer on the Inc. 5000 List


Disclosure: “The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Goldco or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.”
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