Best Gold Storage Companies

Keeping your gold safe is key when you own a lot. Whether you have a little or a lot of gold, you must know it’s in a safe place.

You might care about how secure it is, how easy it is to access, and how well the company treats its customers. More and more businesses are offering safe places to keep your gold.

Investors of all types, from single people to big banks, can find a gold storage company that suits their needs. My list of the best gold storage companies includes those that look after your gold well.

I picked them because they are trusted, smart, and good at helping customers. Below, I’ll show you who’s best at keeping your gold investment safe this year.

STOP! Before I go any further, I want you to think carefully about where you’re putting your money. Picking the right company to invest with is a big deal, and I know my advice might help you decide that.

I’ve spent much time looking around and compiled a list of my favorite gold IRA companies. I think you’ll probably find one that’s just right for you.

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Top 10 Precious Metals Storage Facilities

In researching the top 10 places to keep precious metals safe, you will learn about special companies that take great care of things like gold and silver.

These places are very serious about keeping these valuable items safe for the people and companies that own them. They have strong security and offer different ways to store the metals.

While you check out these storage spots, you will understand how they offer different services for keeping metals safe, what safety promises they make, and how they keep track of everything that’s stored.

You’ll also learn about how they move and handle these precious items. From your findings, you’ll get a full picture of the importance of keeping these metals safe and what these companies do to protect them from risks like theft or big world changes.

This information will be useful for anyone interested in keeping their precious metals safe, whether they’re new to this or have been doing it for a while.

1. Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository is known for safely keeping valuable metals like gold and silver. It’s a trusted place for storing these items, as it meets the strict requirements of major financial and commodities markets.

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, it has a very strong safe (Class 3 vault) and closely monitors the stored items around the clock, using the latest security technology. This makes sure that everything stored there is well-protected against any kind of harm or theft.

Clients can choose between storing their metals separately (just theirs) or with others (mixed). Knowing that their valuables are insured adds an extra layer of comfort.

The insurance is for up to $1 billion and is provided by a reputable company, Lloyds of London, making it a safe choice for storing precious metals.

  • It is very secure, with constant monitoring and strong safes.
  • Offers a choice between mixed or separate storage of your metals.
  • Everything stored is insured up to $1 billion, making it safe.
  • The stored metals are kept in a way that protects them from being claimed by others if something goes wrong financially with the Delaware Depository.
  • Storing all items in one place might risk them all being affected by the same problem.
  • People from other countries might find it hard to access their stored items because everything is in Delaware.
  • Storing here might cost more because of the high level of security and insurance protection.


If you would like to learn more about the company:
You can check my Delaware Depository review.

2. GoldBroker

GoldBroker is a safe option for storing precious metals like gold and silver. When you buy these metals from GoldBroker, you can keep them in secure vaults in cities like New York, Toronto, Zurich, and Singapore.

These vaults are known for being very safe and have insurance to protect your investment. What’s special about storing with GoldBroker is that your metals are kept away from the banking system, reducing risk.

Also, your gold and silver are stored separately in your name, not mixed with other people’s investments, which makes it very safe and clear who owns what.

You can visit your gold and silver by making an appointment or ask to have them sent to you. This way, you can feel secure knowing you can see or get your investments when you want.

  • Your metals are kept in some of the safest vaults in the world.
  • You own your investment directly, giving you more control.
  • Your investment is stored in its own space, making things simple and secure.
  • You can choose from vaults in different parts of the world.
  • You can visit or have your metals delivered, making it convenient.
  • Keeping your metals in these secure locations can be expensive.
  • There aren't vaults everywhere, so you might not find the perfect spot.
  • You must plan to visit your metals, which might not suit everyone.

3. J.Rotbart & Co.

J. Rotbart & Co. is well-known for offering top-notch services for keeping precious metals and other valuables safe for its customers, including both regular people and big companies.

They customize their services to ensure that every client’s valuables are kept very secure and private. This company is all about keeping things safe using the best security, like nonstop watching, the newest safety tech, and tough rules on who can get in, to protect what’s been given to them.

One great thing about J.Rotbart & Co. is that clients can choose to keep their stuff in secure places all over the world. This helps clients pick the best place for them based on what they need for personal and financial reasons.

They also work with some of the best companies in the world to move and secure valuables, ensuring that everything gets where it needs to go safely.

They keep everything private, too, so only the client and the company know what’s being stored, making clients feel extra secure.

  • They have safe places to keep valuables all around the world.
  • They use really good tech and rules to keep everything safe all the time.
  • They can adjust their services to fit exactly what each client needs for any length of time.
  • They ensure that no one else knows what you're storing with them.
  • The best service comes with a higher price, which might not be okay for everyone.
  • Because it's locked up tight and far away, it might be difficult to get to your valuables quickly.

4. GoldSilver

GoldSilver is recognized for selling precious metals like gold and silver and offers safe places to store them.

They have storage locations worldwide, letting customers pick where they want to keep their metals based on what’s most important to them, like safety, ease of getting there or being in a good spot for world trade.

Choosing to store your precious metals with GoldSilver means your stuff is kept separate from everyone else’s.

Each piece you own gets a special number, making it easy to check on it. Its storage is also insured, so you don’t have to worry about losing your investment to unexpected disasters.

GoldSilver sends updates, including checks and balance statements, to ensure you know what’s happening with your investments.

Even though they ensure your items are really safe, they also make it easy to sell or obtain your metals when you want to.

  • Your investment is kept apart, ensuring it's just yours.
  • You can choose from different places around the world to store your metals.
  • Strong safety measures and insurance are in place to protect your investment.
  • You get regular updates, so you always know the status of your metals.
  • It might be hard to visit your metals, depending on their location.
  • The cost of storing your metals might affect how much profit you make.
  • Even though the process is straightforward, selling or getting your metals back might take some time.

5. Sprott Money

Sprott Money offers a safe and adaptable way for people to keep their precious metals like gold and silver. They work with trusted storage places in North America and other parts of the world to secure these metals.

Individuals can store their metals in different locations, including Canada, the USA, and other countries. This is a good way to keep investments safe by spreading them across various locations.

The storage service from Sprott Money keeps each customer’s metals separate from others, which is a big plus for safety and privacy.

They ensure everything is protected and checked by security regularly. This includes insuring the metals and allowing only specific people to access them. They also use modern security systems that monitor the area 24/7.

Customers can view their stored metals online, making it easy to keep track of their investments. Sprott Money is known for being open about storage costs and not having hidden fees, which many customers appreciate.

  • Your metals are kept separate from others, making it more secure.
  • They use secure facilities to store your metals with insurance and regular checks.
  • It offers a choice of where to store your metals, which can spread out the risk.
  • Clear costs and easy online access to manage your storage account.
  • Easy to get your metals when you need them.
  • Storing them costs money, which might be more than keeping them yourself.
  • Some might worry about not having their investment close to them.
  • You can only choose their storage locations, which might not include all the places you want.
  • You must trust Sprott Money and their security and insurance partners to protect your investment.

6. GoldCore

GoldCore is a well-known company that offers safe places to keep gold and silver for its customers. When someone buys gold or silver from GoldCore, it’s kept in a special place away from other people’s things. This means the customer truly owns their gold or silver, and it’s easy to tell which is theirs.

They have safe places to store your metals in different parts of the world, like Switzerland, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. These places are known for being safe and stable.

The company works with trusted names like Loomis International and Brinks to ensure that the latest security keeps your gold and silver safe. Customers can also see their gold and silver if they want to, as long as they let GoldCore know beforehand.

Plus, all the customer’s gold and silver are insured if something goes wrong, like theft or damage. GoldCore checks its vaults regularly to ensure everything is there and correct, which helps customers feel confident about where their precious metals are stored.

  • Your gold and silver are kept safe and private.
  • Having different places worldwide to keep your metals means more choices and safety.
  • You can check your metals yourself if you want.
  • If anything bad happens, like theft, there's protection in place.
  • They work with known security companies, ensuring your investment is in good hands.
  • It might cost more to keep your metals this safe, which could be a downside for people who don't want to spend extra.
  • For some, storing their gold and silver in other countries might not be ideal because it's not close to home.
  • Understanding all the different storage choices can be hard for people new to buying gold and silver.

7. BlueVault

BlueVault offers different storage options for people who need a safe place to keep valuable items. They provide top-level security, including fingerprint entry, 24/7 monitoring, and strong buildings to ensure everything is well-protected.

You can choose from small safety deposit boxes, ideal for jewelry, papers, or small collectibles, to larger spaces suitable for big art pieces, large heirlooms, or valuable assets.

BlueVault is also very private, keeping the identity of their clients and what they store secret. They even offer controlled environments that keep items at the right temperature and humidity.

Whether for personal use or business, BlueVault has various storage sizes and special services that help keep your valuables safe and give you peace of mind.

  • Fingerprint access and a constant camera watch provide the best protection.
  • BlueVault keeps all client details and stored items confidential.
  • They have many different storage sizes and options, including climate control.
  • Clients can easily get to their valuables when needed.
  • The high level of security and service can be more expensive than other options.
  • They might not be available everywhere, which could be inconvenient for some.
  • Some items might be too big or bulky for their available spaces.

8. BullionVault

BullionVault provides a safe and straightforward way for people to store precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

Customers can store their investments in top-level security vaults stationed in major cities worldwide, such as London, Zurich, New York, Toronto, and Singapore.

An attractive feature is that customers can pick where they want their metals stored, giving them more control over their investments.

The vaults are watched 24/7 and checked regularly to ensure security. All metals stored with BullionVault are kept separate from the company’s assets, which means they are safe even if something goes wrong with the company. Additionally, all stored items are insured to protect against loss.

BullionVault also makes its storage costs clear and affordable. It charges a small fee based on how much metal you store, making it a good choice for both big and small investors.

The ability to handle your metals easily online adds to the appeal, making BullionVault a trustworthy option for keeping your precious metals safe.

  • High-security vaults in several countries keep investments safe.
  • All stored metals are insured against possible losses.
  • You can choose where your metals are stored.
  • The fees for storing and insuring metals are affordable and transparent.
  • It's simple to manage your metals through their website.
  • Customers can't easily see or directly access their metals.
  • Storage and insurance fees can become significant over time.
  • The service might be hard for new users to understand fully.

9. SchiffGold

SchiffGold is a company that sells precious metals like gold and silver. They know keeping these metals safe is very important.

So, SchiffGold offers its customers a place to keep their gold and silver safe. SchiffGold works with secure places worldwide where people can store their precious metals. Customers can keep their metals in their own or a different country.

When people decide to store their metals with SchiffGold, they can be sure that their gold and silver are kept in a safe place with lots of security, like cameras that watch 24/7 and special insurance.

SchiffGold also keeps each customer’s metals separate from others so they always know which ones are theirs.

If someone wants to sell their metals or take them back, SchiffGold makes it easy. They focus on keeping the metals safe and making sure customers can easily access their investments.

  • SchiffGold gives you a safe place to keep your gold and silver.
  • They work with very secure places around the world.
  • You can keep your metals close to home or in another country.
  • Selling or getting your metals back is easy.
  • Using this safe place costs extra money.
  • Keeping metals in another country might be hard if you need them quickly.
  • Some people might prefer to keep their metals at home for more control, but SchiffGold doesn’t offer this option.

10. JM Bullion

JM Bullion is a well-known online store that sells precious metals and offers secure storage options. They work with TDS Vaults to provide safe places for your investments in the US and other countries.

TDS Vaults are known for their top-level security, which means your items are well-protected and insured. At JM Bullion, customers can choose between personal storage, where only their items are kept, or shared storage with other customers’ items.

This service allows you to check your holdings online anytime, making it easy to keep track of your investments. JM Bullion makes it simple to buy precious metals and securely store them without worrying about keeping them at home.

  • Using TDS Vaults ensures that your metals are very safe.
  • Everything you store is fully covered by insurance, which helps you feel secure.
  • You can choose from different storage options based on what you prefer.
  • You can see your investments online anytime, which is very handy.
  • Storing items does cost extra, which might put off some people who want to save money.
  • Storing away from home means you can't get to your metals quickly if needed.
  • Arranging storage and understanding your options can be a bit complicated compared to just buying and keeping things at home.


If you would like to learn more about the company:
You can check my review.


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Types of Gold Storage

Investing in gold is a smart strategy for diversifying your investment portfolio. Once you choose to invest in gold, you must decide where to keep it safe.

There are various ways to store your gold, each with its own advantages and things to consider. Let’s look at some of them!

1. Bank Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes at banks provide a secure and reasonably priced choice for storing small to medium amounts of gold. These boxes are kept inside a bank’s vault and benefit from the bank’s security systems.


  • Highly secure.
  • Private; only you know what’s inside.
  • Possible to get insurance through the bank or another company.


  • You can only access your gold during bank hours.
  • It is not covered by the FDIC in the US unless you buy additional insurance.
  • There might be size limits depending on the box.

2. Private USA Depository

Private depositories in the USA are specialized locations for storing precious metals like gold and silver. These places are insured, secure, and sometimes let you keep your gold in your own designated area.


  • Experts in storing gold securely.
  • Usually, high-level security is around the clock.
  • Insured gives you peace of mind.
  • Some offer online access to check on your gold.


  • They are more expensive than bank deposit boxes.
  • It might be far from where you live.

3. Bullion Bank Vaults

Bullion bank vaults are banks that handle a lot of precious metals. They offer storage in secure vaults and are suited for big investors or groups like central banks.


  • Top-notch security and insurance.
  • It can store large amounts of gold.
  • Some offer services like buying, selling, or lending against gold.


  • Usually the most expensive option.
  • Mainly meant for big investors or wealthy clients.

4. Home Storage

Keeping your gold at home might seem appealing if you want to have your investment close by. This method gives you control and immediate access to your gold.


  • Instant access at any time.
  • No ongoing storage fees.
  • You have complete privacy and control.


  • Risk of theft, loss, or damage.
  • Home insurance might not cover much gold, requiring extra insurance.
  • You need to handle all security measures yourself.

Picking the right place to store your gold involves balancing security, cost, access, and peace of mind. Choose between highly secure bank vaults, specialized private depositories, private bank safes, or keeping it at home based on what matters most to you in protecting and accessing your investment.

What to Consider When Looking for a Gold Storage Company

If you’re thinking about keeping your gold safe with a company, there are several important things to look at:

  1. Privacy: Find a company that keeps your gold information secret. It might be a good idea to choose one in another country with strong privacy laws so that no one can easily find out about your gold.
  2. Safety: Make sure the company has strong security, like cameras watching all the time and locked vaults, so that your gold is well-protected.
  3. The Country’s Laws: Pick a company in a place where the government protects your gold from being taken away illegally. Places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands are known for this.
  4. Stability: Choose a place that is economically and politically stable. This means it’s less likely for things to go wrong like your gold being seized or being hard to get when you need it.
  5. Cost and Getting to Your Gold: Think about how much it will cost to store your gold and how easy it is to get to it when you want. Some places let you get to your gold right away, but others might make you wait or set up a meeting.

When you check these points, you can pick a gold storage company that fits what you need for keeping your gold both safe and private.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where is the best place to store your gold?

The best spot to keep your gold depends on how much you have and how safe you want to be. Safes at home are easy to access but can be risky.

Banks offer more security and the option to insure your gold. Special facilities just for precious metals provide top-level safety and even help manage your gold.

Q2. Is it wise to store your gold in a safe deposit box?

Using a safe deposit box at a bank is smart if you want high security outside your home. They protect against theft and disasters like fire or floods.

However, you might need to buy additional insurance since bank insurance usually does not cover items in deposit boxes.

Q3. Does Brink’s store your gold?

Yes, Brink’s, a well-known security company, securely stores gold and other valuable metals. They use heavily protected vaults globally to keep your gold safe. Brink’s works with both small and large investors, providing reliable security for your assets.

Q4. How much does it cost to store gold in a bank?

Storing gold in a bank or vault can cost about 0.5% of its total value each year. Or, you might pay monthly fees like $60 for $100,000, going down to at least $4 for $6,666 or less. It’s important to check the exact prices with your bank or vault.


In conclusion, selecting the right gold storage company is crucial for safeguarding your precious assets. My review of the ten best gold storage companies provides a comprehensive guide, highlighting firms with top-tier security, insurance, and customer service.

Make an informed decision by considering your individual needs and the unique features of these reputable companies.


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