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Morss Global Finance prioritizes providing you with a smooth and seamless experience on our website. To achieve this, we utilize cookies that cater to various needs. These cookies enhance functionality, collect important data, and maintain your preferences as a user.

By exploring this page, you can gain a better understanding of our commitment to transparency and the extent of our Cookie Policy. We strive to offer a personalized browsing experience that is tailored to your interests while maintaining a high level of security and privacy.

A Commitment To Transparency

At Morss Global Finance, transparency is a fundamental value. By being explicit about the use of cookies, you can confidently browse the site knowing how they function. Cookies serve various purposes, such as:

  • Remembering past visits
  • Maintaining logged-in status
  • Gauging monthly visitor metrics

Rest assured, cookies do not store personal information like your name or contact details. Instead, they capture data related to your computer’s usage, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Scope of the Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy governs your interactions with this website, regardless of the device used. By accessing the site, you consent to adhere to the policy. To ensure compliance with relevant regulations, the policy undergoes frequent evaluations and modifications.

Should any changes occur, they will be promptly communicated. Your continued use of the website signifies your agreement with any updated terms. Please familiarize yourself with the policy and follow its guidelines.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

Disabling cookies could affect your browsing experience and limit some website features. It’s advisable to accept the cookie policy after reading it. To manage cookie preferences, adjust your browser settings.

Here are links on how to control cookies for popular browsers:

  • Internet Explorer –
  • Chrome –
  • Firefox –
  • Opera –
  • Safari –
  • Microsoft Edge –

Types of Cookies Employed

Here’s a concise list of the various cookies employed on the Morss Global Finance website and their functions:

  • Personalization Cookies: Enable a customized experience by recognizing returning visitors.
  • Analytics Cookies: Offer insights into users’ behavior and preferences, aiding in ongoing improvement.
  • Google Analytics: This popular analytics tool delivers valuable insights into user behavior and interaction patterns.
  • Third-Party Service Cookies: Facilitate seamless integration with external platforms, enhancing user experience.
  • Ad and Management Cookies: Support advertising services such as Doubleclick and Google Adsense, managing ad functionality and services.
  • Site Management Cookies: These cookies are vital for the website’s smooth operation and functionalities, including logging in and using commenting features.

Privacy Priority and Transparency

Your privacy holds great importance at Morss Global Finance, ensuring a high level of transparency regarding cookie usage. Rest assured, your personal data remains safe. The cookies in use serve to enhance your browsing experience while also prioritizing your privacy.

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