Delaware Depository Review

Safeguarding precious metals is essential for value preservation and peace of mind. Secure storage not only protects against theft and loss but also fortifies market trust as trading volumes grow.

Delaware Depository, situated in Wilmington, Delaware, excels in securing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for individuals and corporations alike.

Its robust security measures, comprehensive insurance, and adherence to regulations have established it as a trustworthy haven.

This Delaware Depository review will highlight how Delaware Depository ensures the safety of assets and examines why it’s a preferred choice for the storage of precious commodities.

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Delaware Depository Overview

Delaware Depository started in 1999 and is a special trust company that focuses on safely storing precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

They provide a safe and insured place for both groups and individuals to keep their precious metals. They are known for being very reliable, honest, and open in their work.

Jonathan Potts is the Managing Director of Delaware Depository. He leads the company with a strong commitment to keeping customers’ belongings safe. He stresses the importance of security for customers and making sure everything is done in an honest and clear way.

Mr. Potts and his team have created a secure place where customer’s valuables are well-protected, checked by external parties, and kept separate from the company’s own assets.

Known for its strong security, rules-following, and great service, Delaware Depository is trusted by big investors, government agencies, businesses, and individuals.

Delaware Depository has been safely storing precious metals for more than 20 years, earning a solid reputation. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which shows that it is trustworthy and reliable.

Their main storage place is in Delaware, which offers tax benefits since there is no sales tax on precious metals. Security is a top priority at Delaware Depository, and their locations are safe from city and political problems.

They work with almost every financial company that needs to store metals, including big banks and retail stores. Even the New York Stock Exchange trusts them, proving they’re reliable.

Delaware Depository offers reliable and expert storage for precious metals. They are perfect for storing gold, silver, and other metals for long-term investments or IRAs.

Services Offered By Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository keeps your precious metals safe with advanced security and insurance. They provide a range of services focused on the secure storage of precious metals.

Here’s what they offer:

1. Storage and Transfers

Delaware Depository offers high-security storage solutions for precious metals. It ensures your investments are secure with state-of-the-art security systems, multiple layers of physical and electronic security, proprietary systems, and internal controls. Delaware Depository offers $1 billion in insurance from London insurers.

They are approved to store metals by big exchanges like CME and ICE. Their secure vaults have tight access controls and 72,000 square feet of protected space.

They use detailed reporting to keep track of all items. Metals are stored separately from the company’s assets. The team has over 200 years of combined experience in handling precious metals.

Delaware Depository makes moving precious metals easy and secure. They take care of all the details, ensuring metals are safely transported to and from their storage facilities.

Clients can send metals directly from where they buy them, like dealers or mints, and Delaware Depository can also send metals to any address the client chooses. They keep track of everything with clear paperwork and keep clients informed about their metals’ movements.

Delaware Depository’s strong connections with important trading centers make transferring metals simple and in sync with the markets.

Plus, they follow strict rules to make sure each metal’s journey is well-documented and its quality is preserved every step of the way.

2. IRA Services

Delaware Depository provides secure storage solutions for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). It caters to custodians, financial institutions, and IRA holders and ensures that precious metals are stored according to regulatory requirements.

3. Compliance with IRC-408n

The depository is qualified to store IRA assets. It complies with IRS Code Section 408(n), ensuring that all legal and regulatory standards for holding precious metals in IRAs are strictly followed.

4. Collateral Custody

Delaware Depository offers financial institutions, industrial companies, and dealers collateral lending services. These services involve securely holding precious metals as collateral for loans, enhancing liquidity and providing a trusted solution for collateral management.

5. Shipping Services

Delaware Depository leads the industry in terms of security and packaging standards. They offer guidelines for properly packing and securing small bullion packages to ensure safe transit. An instructional video is available to help users understand the best practices in packing bullion for shipment.

6. Use of Shipping Calculator

Delaware Depository offers a shipping calculator tool on its website to facilitate secure and efficient shipping. This tool helps users estimate shipping costs and choose the best shipping options for their precious metals.

Delaware Depository and Precious Metals IRA

Delaware Depository is a reliable place to store your precious metals for an IRA. They team up with custodians to keep your gold and silver safe and follow all IRS rules.

One common concern for people storing gold, especially in a gold IRA, is how their gold is kept. Segregated storage means your gold is kept in a separate box just for you within the vault.

This way, your items are not mixed with others. On the other hand, non-segregated storage mixes similar gold items, so you might not get back the exact ones you deposited.

Delaware Depository takes special steps to keep your gold safe for IRA accounts. They make sure the gold is assigned directly to you. Working with gold IRA companies helps keep storage costs low for you.

They use advanced tools like precision scales, X-rays, and ultrasounds to ensure the gold is real. Most gold IRA companies guarantee the gold they sell, but it’s always good to double-check.

Custodians play a key role in working with the Delaware Depository. They handle all the transaction details, keep records, report as needed, and help you buy or sell metals according to IRS rules. This helps ensure your retirement savings are secure.

How Do Delaware Depository Store Precious Metals?

Your assets are safe from the moment they arrive. The company uses segregated storage, meaning your items are kept separate from others for extra security and peace of mind. At Delaware Depository, every investor’s precious metals are given special attention.

Here’s how they handle your valuables:

  1. Receiving and Recording: When your items arrive, they are carefully checked and recorded. Not only is the weight and type recorded, but each item gets a unique ID. This way, you can easily track your assets.
  2. Separate Storage: Your metals are stored separately from others. This ensures they stay safe and only belong to you, adding extra security.
  3. Regular Audits: The Delaware Depository team regularly checks and updates its records. This constant auditing ensures that your items are always accounted for and safe.

Delaware Depository also partners with top gold IRA companies and custodians. These partnerships help Delaware Depository offer better rates and a smoother experience for IRA owners, focusing on security and financial sense.

Knowing these steps shows how dedicated Delaware Depository is. It helps investors feel confident in their choice. Delaware Depository is known for its careful handling, trustworthy segregated storage, and accurate records.

How to Use Your Online Account with Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository lets you check your account online. This is how you can do things online with your account.

Setting Up Your Account Online

If you already have an account with Delaware Depository, you can start looking at it online.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click the ‘Registration’ link at the top of any Delaware Depository webpage.
  2. You’ll need to enter some details about your account. Ensure everything you put in matches the information you’ve already given them. They check this to keep your account safe.
  3. After you enter your details, you’ll receive an email with a link you need to click to finish setting up your online access.
  4. You can complete the process and use your account online when you click the link.

If something doesn’t work right or you have questions, just call Delaware Depository at (302) 765-3889, and they’ll help you.

Adding Another Account Online

Want to add more accounts to your online access? Since Delaware Depository wants to keep everything safe, they check some details first.

If you can’t add another account by yourself, you should:

  • Call them at (302) 765-3889.
  • Talk to someone in the Operations Department who can help you add the account.

Delaware Depository takes care of your information and ensures its security. Whether setting up online access for the first time or adding more accounts, help is always a phone call away.

Partnerships with Major Gold IRA Companies

Delaware Depository is a safe place to keep gold and other precious metals. Many big companies that help people invest in gold trust Delaware Depository to safely store their clients’ gold. This means that people get good care and safety for their gold.

Here are some of the major companies that work with Delaware Depository:

These gold IRA companies show that Delaware Depository is really good at keeping gold and other precious metals safe, which is why it is a popular choice for them and their clients.


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Security Measures Offered by Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository protects your valuables with top-notch security systems, strong vaults, and tight building controls.

With a focus on safety, confidentiality, and compliance, Delaware Depository implements a variety of stringent security measures to protect the assets under its care.

Here are some of the key security features and protocols employed by Delaware Depository:

Physical and Electronic Security

Delaware Depository uses many types of security to keep your valuables safe. They have very advanced security systems and very strong vaults.

Their large building has tight security controls. They also have rules and protections to make sure everything is well guarded, with strict policies to keep your precious metals secure.


Delaware Depository offers storage that is covered by insurance. If anything happens, their vault is insured for up to $1 billion by Lloyd’s of London. This means your valuables are well protected.

Audit and Compliance

Delaware Depository is checked by outside auditors to ensure they follow high standards. They have an important certification called SSAE18 – SOC1 Type 1, which means they stick to strict rules and best practices to keep everything in order and safe.

Is My Bullion Safe at Delaware Depository?

When you keep precious metals at Delaware Depository, you want to be sure they’re safe. Delaware Depository does a great job of making sure your assets are secure.

1. Well-Insured for Your Peace of Mind

Delaware Depository keeps your bullion safe in many ways. They use strong security measures, careful tracking, and a lot of insurance.

They have insurance worth $1 billion for the metals in their vaults. This insurance is from trusted insurers in London.

It covers almost any kind of loss or damage, including if something gets lost without explanation, theft, and natural disasters like fires or floods.

2. What’s Not Covered?

But, there are a few things their insurance doesn’t cover. These include damage from war, terrorism, cyber-attacks, and some other very rare risks. It’s good to know about these, even though most storage places have similar rules.

3. Your Bullion is Legally Yours

Another important point is how your bullion is kept legally. They make sure everyone knows that your bullion is yours and not part of Delaware Depository’s property.

This means if anything unexpected happens to Delaware Depository, your assets are safe. To sum up, Delaware Depository takes good care of your bullion.

They use strong security and have a lot of insurance to protect against almost any problem. When you store your metals there, you can relax, knowing they’re in good hands.

Why Do People Prefer Delaware Depository?

When it comes to keeping your precious metals safe, Delaware Depository is a top choice. Known for their strong reputation, they offer excellent security and service. You can trust them to take good care of your investments, giving you peace of mind.

1. Approved by Major Exchanges (CME, ICE)

Delaware Depository is approved by big exchanges like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). This means they meet high standards for safely storing precious metals.

2. Detailed Tracking and Reporting

Delaware Depository has very detailed systems to track and report on precious metals. This ensures everything stored is carefully watched and recorded, giving clients clear and reliable information.

3. Experienced Team

The team at Delaware Depository has over 200 years of combined experience in the precious metals field. This means clients get professional and trustworthy service from people who really know what they’re doing.

What are the Benefits of Using Delaware Depository?

Delaware Depository is great for safely keeping valuable metals for both small investors and big companies.

It knows a lot about keeping things safe and has a good reputation, making it a trustworthy choice for protecting your investments in precious metals.

1. Great Safety

One of the best things about Delaware Depository is how safe it is. It has very good security, with cameras watching all the time and guards keeping an eye on things.

They use really good alarms and systems to keep people who shouldn’t be there out. Also, when they need to move your things, they use strong, safe vehicles.

2. Different Ways to Store Your Things

Delaware Depository lets you choose from different storage options. You can have your own separate space, or to save money, share space with others while they still keep track of your stuff separately.

3. Good Prices

Delaware Depository doesn’t charge too much. Their prices are good compared to other places, and they don’t surprise you with extra costs.

They are very clear about how much you will pay. If you have a lot to store or will store for a long time, you might even get a discount, which can save you more money.

4. IRA Eligibility

A great benefit is that Delaware Depository can be used for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). It follows IRS rules for keeping assets in an IRA, so it’s a good choice for saving for retirement.

When people use Delaware Depository, they can add different kinds of precious metals to their retirement savings.

This can make their savings safer and help them grow. Moving money from other accounts to an IRA is easy and straightforward with their help.


Delaware Depository is known for being very safe, offering full insurance, and making sure everything is done right according to the rules.

They have great security with the latest technology and people watching over the place all the time. Plus, they let customers choose how they want to store their things, which is really helpful.

If you need a safe and trustworthy place to keep valuable metals, Delaware Depository is a great option! They’re known for being reliable, offering options for different types of customers, and having a good history of keeping things safe. You can trust them to take care of your precious items.


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