Best Free Gold IRA Kits: What Comes in a Free Gold IRA Kit?

Investing in a gold IRA can be a smart choice if you’re looking to keep your retirement money safe. Gold is a powerful asset that can protect your funds over time.

With the right information, you can start confidently. That’s where the 5 best free gold IRA kits come in handy. They’re full of helpful facts to help you understand and get started with gold investments.

These free kits are a great starting point for anyone looking to add gold to their retirement plan and ensure a brighter financial future.

1. Goldco

Goldco’s gold IRA kit is renowned for providing a solid foundation in precious metals investment. With its long history of excellence, which dates back to its establishment in 2006, the company has earned a reputation for its focus on customer education and satisfaction.

The company is well-regarded in the industry for its detailed guidance on investing in gold and silver IRAs and the rollover process from existing retirement accounts.

Goldco stands out for its commitment to customer education, transparent practices, and personalized service, ensuring clients understand their investments thoroughly.

Goldco prides itself on endorsements from prominent figures, such as former presidential candidate and congressman Dr. Ron Paul and actor and martial artist Chuck Norris. Both have publicly supported Goldco, highlighting the company’s reliability and expertise in the precious metals market.

What Can You Get?

  • A guide to Goldco’s services and their top-quality track record since 2006.
  • Easy steps to start your own gold or silver IRA.
  • Why adding gold to your savings is a smart move.
  • Help with moving money from your current retirement account.
  • Looking at how the market moves and why gold stays valuable.

Who is the Best for?

  • Anyone who wants an investment that can handle ups and downs in the economy.
  • Those who like advice from well-known experts.
  • Ideal for individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds.
  • Well-suited for people worried about inflation, economic downturns, and market volatility affecting their retirement funds.
  • Suitable for investors interested in exploring tax-efficient strategies for their retirement savings.

Goldco has been doing this for a long time. With support from famous people, their free kit gives you all you need to know about making smart choices with gold and silver.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Comprehensive educational resources in multiple formats.
  • Free shipping and handling.
  • Tax and penalty-free strategies explained.
  • Professional and experienced support from Goldco.
  • Protection against economic volatility.
  • Transparency with no hidden costs.
  • Helps retirement savings grow with precious metal investments.


  • Limited to information on gold and silver; no coverage of other precious metals.
  • Depending on the performance of the precious metals market.
Disclosure: “The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Goldco or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.”

2. Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals helps people learn about investing in gold and silver for retirement. The company is based in Casper, Wyoming, and is known for its trustworthy service. They focus on making your retirement savings safer by including gold and silver.

Their guide makes learning about gold and silver IRAs easy. It answers common questions and walks you through a simple, three-step process. Famous football player Joe Montana, who uses and promotes Augusta, backs up the company’s good name.

What Can You Get?

  • A full guide on how to invest in a gold IRA, with answers to frequently asked questions.
  • A private online meeting with a trained economist to get deeper into how to invest in precious metals.
  • Some accounts have no fees for up to 10 years, helping you save money.

Who is the Best for?

  • Serious investors ready to put a good amount of money into precious metals.
  • People who want advice customized just for them from an economics expert.
  • Those who want to save on fees in the long term with the special offer.

Augusta Precious Metals offers valuable information and services for anyone wanting to protect. And grow their retirement savings by investing in precious metals, with the added benefit of expert guidance.

9.6/10Our Score


  • Clear prices and quality precious metals for your investments.
  • Help is always there when you invest, answering any questions you have.
  • Information is provided in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • Advice tailored to you, with the option to talk one-on-one with experts.


  • You need to join an online meeting to benefit from the guide's benefits.
  • To avoid fees, you need to invest at least $50,000, which might be too much for some people.
Disclosure: “The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Goldco or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.”

3. American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold gives out a free kit for people interested in adding gold and silver to their savings. This kit explains how to start investing in precious metals.

Why it’s a good idea to have them in your money mix. And what special help can American Hartford Gold offer you?

They make things easy by offering to buy back your metals, sending them to you for free, and even giving up to three years of free storage for certain IRA changes.

This trusted company has many happy customers and top marks from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It’s helped many people save their money in gold and silver, protecting it from big swings in the market.

Bill O’Reilly, known for his TV work and his political views, recommends American Hartford Gold. Having someone like him support the company shows that they’re serious about helping people with their gold and silver investments and that they know what they’re doing.

What Can You Get?

  • Easy-to-understand report on inflation.
  • Simple explanations about gold’s value.
  • Catalog of gold and silver you can add to your IRA.
  • Detailed guide on why gold is a good investment and why to choose American Hartford Gold.
  • Promise that your info stays private.
  • Free service to move your IRA to gold, with no storage or insurance fees for three years.
  • Guarantee that you can sell your gold back easily with no extra charge.
  • A special offer that gives you free silver when you make a big purchase.

Who is the Best for?

  • Individuals concerned about long-term inflation and dollar devaluation will find the kit’s in-depth analysis valuable.
  • Investors seeking a comprehensive catalog of IRA-eligible gold and silver products will appreciate the kit’s detailed overview.
  • The kit provides valuable insights for new and seasoned investors, enhancing their understanding of gold investment and the specifics of a gold IRA.

It’s specifically made for those who want to keep their retirement money safe from the ups and downs of the economy and protect it from the decrease in purchasing power due to rising prices.

9.4/10Our Score


  • Shows how inflation can affect your money's value.
  • Gives a big-picture view of the gold market.
  • Offers many different gold and silver options for your investments.
  • Explains the perks of gold investments and using American Hartford Gold for an IRA.
  • Keeps your details safe and secret.
  • Includes freebies like cost-free storage service for new gold IRAs and a gift of free silver.


  • The information is heavy on economics and might be hard for beginners.
  • The company's website doesn't give much information about the company itself.
Disclosure: “The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Goldco or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.”

4. Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group, a top company in the United States for precious metals, offers a free kit. This kit teaches people how to protect their retirement money by using gold and silver. It helps them understand why adding these metals to a retirement plan can be a smart move.

Birch Gold Group believes in helping its customers learn how investing in gold and silver can guard against tough economic times, the rising cost of living, and the dollar’s value going down. They show why putting all your money into just one type of investment might not be the best idea.

Founded years ago, Birch Gold Group has built a strong reputation for being open, honest, and focused on educating its customers.

Famous people endorse this company, boosting its reputation. Ben Shapiro, Doug Casey, Steve Forbes, and Peter Schiff stand behind it. They all agree that precious metals like gold and silver are key to a good investment mix.

What Can You Get?

  • Analysis of gold’s historical stability in times of economic downturns.
  • Insights into the advantages of incorporating gold and silver into your IRA.
  • Information on precious metals products for IRAs that meet IRS standards.
  • Expert advice on safeguarding your savings against economic uncertainty.
  • A guide to a lesser-known IRS provision benefiting IRAs or 401(k)s.
  • Conversations with leading investment professionals.
  • Feedback from customers who have expanded their portfolios with Birch Gold Group.

Who is the Best for?

  • Investors wanting to know the complex good points of having gold in an IRA.
  • Those aiming to mix up their investments for more financial safety.
  • People seeking fact-based insights on gold, its market role, and how it lowers economic risks.
  • Those who value advice from experts and true success stories for their investment choices.
  • People who want to use IRS-sanctioned methods to protect their IRA or 401(k) with precious metals.

This audience will truly value what Birch Gold Group offers, aiding them to make smart, informed choices toward a financially secure future supported by gold’s everlasting worth.

9.2/10Our Score


  • Explains how gold can guard and balance your investments.
  • Supports the idea of mixing different types of investments with facts.
  • Guides investors to dodge typical mistakes with gold IRAs.
  • Gives professional tips and knowledge from special interviews.
  • Tells about happy customers and their positive experiences.
  • Describes a careful plan for adding gold to retirement funds.


  • Uses a negative kind of way to talk about economic dangers.
  • You need to give your phone number to get the free kit.
Disclosure: “The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Goldco or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.”

5. Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments offers a free kit to help people learn about gold and silver IRAs. This kit explains what a gold and silver IRA is and why adding gold and silver to your retirement plan is a good idea.

It explains how they keep your money safe from rising prices and tough economic times and shows you how to move your existing 401k into a gold or silver IRA.

Moreover, it lists the retirement accounts that work with a rollover and describes the different gold and silver items you can have in a gold IRA.

Charlie Kirk, a well-known political commentator, supports Noble Gold Investments, which helps people invest in precious metals like gold and silver.

He endorses Noble Gold Investments because he believes in the safety and lasting value of investing in precious metals to protect against economic troubles.

What Can You Get?

  • Guide on the tax benefits of precious metal IRAs.
  • Steps for transferring a 401k to a gold IRA.
  • Information on IRS-approved gold IRA investments and regulations.
  • Expert advice through personalized guidance from professionals.
  • A selection of precious metals for investment, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins.
  • Secure storage options for precious metals at the Secure Texas Depository.
  • Access to educational resources for a better understanding of precious metals investing.

Who is the Best for?

  • Investors looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals to safeguard against stock market fluctuations.
  • Individuals interested in the tax benefits of gold investing, specifically how to reduce tax liability through precious metal investments.
  • Investors who value secure storage of their investment in a trusted depository.
  • Users who appreciate having access to educational resources to inform their investment decisions.
  • Investors focusing on IRS rules and compliance for precious metals IRAs will find Noble Gold Investments’ kit especially relevant and authoritative.

Noble Gold Investments is a great choice for lots of investors. It’s perfect for people who want to mix up their retirement savings with gold and silver to protect against market ups and downs. It’s also good for anyone looking to save on taxes with their investments.

9/10Our Score


  • Focus on how to use gold's tax benefits effectively.
  • Easy-to-understand guide for the 401k to IRA transfer procedure.
  • Essential details on staying within IRS rules for gold IRAs.


  • Limited information on the broader topic of gold investment.
  • No extra materials or special offers compared to other companies.
Disclosure: “The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Goldco or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.”

Why is it a Good Idea to Learn from a Free Gold IRA Kit Before Investing?

Investing in a gold IRA is a great way to diversify and protect your retirement savings from economic troubles. Before starting, learning from a gold IRA kit can be helpful. Here’s why:

  1. Learning Benefits: These gold IRA kits explain how the gold market works, how you can invest in gold, and how to spot scams. This knowledge helps you make good choices.
  2. Understanding Costs: The kits show all the fees related to gold IRAs, like setup and storage fees. This helps you manage your expenses and pick the best service.
  3. Risk Management: You’ll learn how adding gold to your investments can make your overall portfolio safer, especially when the economy isn’t doing well.
  4. Making Smart Choices: With clear information about legal and tax rules for gold IRAs, you can plan better and make decisions that help your long-term retirement goals.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gold Investment Kit

When searching for a free kit, choose one from a trustworthy gold IRA company. A trusted company means you’ll get honest, useful investing tips.

Their guide will teach you about gold IRAs, including their plus points, how to change your retirement money to a gold IRA, tax advantages, and what metals are okay.

Look for a company like Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, etc, that has a reputation for straight talk, great help, and caring about how well you do with your investments.

A free kit from a good company lets you get smart on investing without paying right away. A company that educates you first is a good sign.

Check what other customers say, how well the company is rated, their track record, and if they teach about investing. This way, you’ll find a good free information kit that matches your goals and helps you invest wisely in precious metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a free gold IRA kit?

A free gold IRA kit is a comprehensive information packet that provides essential details about investing in a gold IRA.

It includes brochures, guides, market analyses, and sometimes a DVD, which help individuals understand how to use precious metals to secure their retirement savings.

Q2. Are gold IRA kits safe to receive?

Yes, gold IRA kits are safe to receive. They are usually sent by reputable precious metals firms that value customer security and privacy.

These kits are designed to inform, not to commit, you to any service. They ensure your personal details are protected throughout the inquiry process.

Q3. How do I get a free gold IRA kit?

To obtain a free gold IRA kit, you typically need to visit the website of a trusted precious metals firm and fill out a request form.

Most companies require basic information such as your name, address, and contact details to mail you the kit at no charge.

Q4. Are the gold IRA kits you mentioned above legitimate?

Yes, the gold IRA kits mentioned are legitimate. They are provided by established and reputable precious metals dealers known for their expertise and service in the industry.

These kits are educational tools designed to assist potential investors in making informed decisions about gold IRAs.

Q5. Why Goldco’s gold IRA kit is the best?

Goldco’s gold IRA kit is highly regarded because it offers detailed, easily understood information on gold IRAs and includes personalized consultation options and customer reviews.

This makes it exceptional for its comprehensive approach to educating new investors and its focus on client support and transparency.


In summary, the above free kits I’ve looked at are trustworthy and helpful for someone considering adding gold to their retirement plan.

They provide important information and make understanding gold IRAs simple. For those interested in a safe investment for their future, these kits are a great starting point for learning without confusion.

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