Modern Slavery

As a hub for global finance market enthusiasts, Morss Global Finance is dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of modern slavery and human trafficking within its operations and among its suppliers. In addition to adherence to ethical standards in the United States, the platform empowers its users, contributors, and collaborators to actively combat these injustices in the fiscal year from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023.

Awareness and cooperation are vital in upholding the strong policies and practices put in place to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking. Morss Global Finance emphasizes the importance of due diligence with prospective partners and ongoing evaluation of existing ones to ensure ethical compliance. By promoting education and fostering vigilance, you as a user or collaborator can contribute significantly to this shared goal.

Education and Training

A well-informed community is vital in combating modern slavery. Participate in comprehensive training to help identify signs of forced marriage, child marriages, and human trafficking.

To enhance your knowledge and vigilance, follow these steps:

  • Understand the indicators: Familiarize yourself with the signs of forced marriage, child marriage, and human trafficking.
  • Adhere to guidelines: Follow the code of conduct provided on the website to develop and maintain ethical practices.
  • Get involved: Contribute to discussions that promote action against forced marriages, supply chains, exploitative migration, and unethical recruitment practices.
  • Stay updated: Access available reports showcasing the efforts made against modern slavery, including internal audits and assessments of partnerships.
  • Monitor and report: Keep an eye on conversations within the community to prevent support for human trafficking. Report any suspicious activities or content.
  • Collaborate and share: Engage with peers in your community and industry to exchange best practices and join the broader movement against modern slavery.

By taking these steps, you’ll contribute to the development of effective national policies, legal protections, and social protection measures against forced marriages, child marriages, and other unethical practices.

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