Noble Gold Investments Review

In today’s complex financial landscape, I know how challenging it is to find reliable and secure investment options to invest.

Among the plethora of investment opportunities, Noble Gold Investments has established itself as a noteworthy option to choose, particularly if you want to secure your investment in precious metals.

Since 2006, Noble Gold Investments has built a reputation for exceptional customer service, transparency, and effective educational resources.

These functions, along with their wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, make this gold IRA company a trusted choice for investors looking to grow their wealth with precious metals.

But I bet that’s not enough you need to know! That’s why I am here with the complete Noble Gold Investments review where I will introduce you to all the terms and services that the company offers to you.

STOP! Before I go any further, I want you to think carefully about where you’re putting your money. Picking the right company to invest with is a big deal, and I know my advice might help you decide that.

I’ve spent much time looking around and compiled a list of my favorite gold IRA companies. I think you’ll probably find one that’s just right for you.

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Noble Gold Investments Company – A Quick Overview

Noble Gold Investment is one of the leading gold IRA companies in the United States that has been providing promising services on precious metals for over 20 years.

Collin Plume, the chief executive officer of Noble Gold, founded this company with the motive to educate investors on the safe and easy to invest in the IRA metal.

Based in Pasadena, California, the company is working dedicatedly to ensure the best preservation of the client’s wealth.

They include various investment levels,  particularly on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and even at the most competitive price in the industry. Thus everyone with any budget can access those and achieve their financial goals.

Beyond just all these services, the company is working to educate newcomers about the benefits of investing in precious metal IRAs, how this process works, and how to execute it.

Noble Gold Investments starts this initiative as the key to long-term investing and retirement. For this, they have a free investment kit available on their website which you can access and get valuable information about the gold and silver IRA market.

All in all, Noble Gold Investments is the ultimate solution for investors who truly want to diversify their retirement portfolios by investing in physical gold and silver and expect to have secured their assets.

What Services Does Noble Gold Investments Offer to You?

As a top-leading gold IRA company, Noble Gold Investments has many of its customers.

All of these top-notch services are not only for securing your valuable money but also ensure you the best ROI on your investment.

Well without any more delay, let’s describe what services Noble Gold Investments offers you:

Precious Metals IRAs

While investing with a random gold IRA company, the common issue that investors face is the lack of transparency and high fees associated with managing your retirement.

Even investors often find themselves frustrated with hidden charges, complex fee structures, and a lack of clarity.

But Noble Gold Investments has just changed all of these thoughts. I was overwhelmed with the easy processes for IRAs to invest.

Moreover, you will get a bunch of metals starting from gold, silver, platinum, to palladium, making flexibility for the customers to choose on their budget.

Don’t be concerned about their authenticity. All of their featured products are IRS-approved, ensuring you long-term wealth preservation without any implications.

401k Rollover

With an IRA, investors get better control and flexibility over their investment decisions compared to a 401(k) plan.

Noble Gold Investment understands this pain point of the investors and includes an effective 401(k) rollover process in their service which will help move your account to an IRA.

The advantage? By rolling over your 401(k) into an IRA, you will have access to all lower-cost investment options and reduce the impact of fees on your retirement savings.

Now coming to the Noble Gold Investments rollover. What’s special about it?

  • Ensure your rolling over the process with all tax advantages.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Streamline retirement planning into a single IRA for those who have multiple accounts.
  • Transparent fee structure with minimal charge.

Best Buyback Program

The buyback program is the most amazing service I have found in their service list.

What it actually is! Think of it like this, you require urgent cash for unexpected expenses or you want to take advantage of investment opportunities outside of your IRA.

That’s where the buyback program of Noble Gold Investments can help you sell your IRA assets back to the company and receive your cash.

Even this is a great option to choose when your investment portfolio becomes unbalanced due to changes in market conditions. That was what I faced last year during market inflation!

Through this program, I sold my assets that added value to my portfolio. Then I used the money and bought other investments that matched my financial goals.

Royal Survival Packs

Royal Survival Packs are the only factors why I choose Noble Gold Investments company among other options.

These are the special IRA packages from Noble Gold Investments that come with a combination of gold and other precious metals.

This makes a unique investment opportunity for investors who are truly concerned about market volatility and uncertainty due to inflation.

By opting for one of these packages, you can secure your investment and can liquidate it at any time.

What more? Noble Gold Investments offers these packages in different values ranging from $5,000 to $500,000 and composition which offers flexibility to invest as you want.

You can even have options to customize the packages as your own!

Home Delivery

Noble Express is the premium home delivery service of this company.

It brings top-notch home delivery options to investors who are looking forward to a seamless and secure delivery of their Royal Survival Pack right to their doorstep.

They value your time! With Noble Express, you will get your discreetly packaged Royal Survival Pack within 5 days of purchase.

Moreover, they are highly concise about securing your identity as well as your precious metals.

All your details relating to purchases will be kept strictly private, ensuring you the best peace of mind for investing with them again and again.

Secured Storage and Custodians

Noble Gold Investments is not working only for just taking money and giving metal instead. Rather securing your assets is the key to their services.

To do so, they have a good collaboration with world-class storage and depositories where you can store your assets with the expectation of the best maintenance.

Noble Gold Investments offers a few depositories in different locations. That includes the International Depository Service (IDS) in Dallas and the Delaware Depository based in New Castle, Delaware.

Another option is included for the international client. Those who have their IRA service and secure their money, they take advantage of the depository located in Toronto, Canada.

Moreover, if you want they can direct you to the  Equity Trust as your IRA custodian option.

Best Customer Service

Whenever you are about to hand over your hard-earned money to an IRA company, I know your first expectation would be the best customer service for them.

It would be like they should be with you in any of your concerns relating to your IRA, suggesting solutions, or letting you know all the market trends.


Noble Gold Investments has got you well covered here as well. Their dedicated team provides you with personalized customer assistance, expert guidance, and the best response for any of your queries 24/7.

Noble Gold Investments Premium Products

Noble Gold Investment offers a wide range of premium metals ranging from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium at different prices. You will find these metals both in bars and coins.

  • God bullion
  • Silver bars and coins
  • Palladium coins and bars
  • Platinum bars and coins

Have a short glimpse of the Company’s diverse selection of these metals:

Gold: Silver: Platinum: Palladium:
American Gold Eagle American The Beautiful 5oz American Platinum Eagle Coins Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coin 1oz
American Gold Eagle Proof American The Beautiful 5oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf 1oz Credit Suisse Palladium Bar 1oz
4-Piece Set American Gold Eagle Proof American Silver Eagle 1oz Baird & Co. Platinum Bars
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf American Silver Eagle Proof 1oz
Australian Gold Kangaroo Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1oz
Austrian Gold Philharmonic Australian Silver Kangaroo 1oz
PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bars Austrian Silver Philharmonic 1 oz
Perth Mint 10oz Gold Bar Australian Silver Coin 1kg
PAMP Suisse 100 gm Gold Bar Highland Mint Silver Round 1 oz
Highland Mint Silver Bar 5oz
Republic Metal Silver Bar 10oz
Rand Refinery Silver Bar 1oz
Republic Metal Silver Bar 100oz

Don’t worry, each of their metal is IRS-approved and alleys with all IRS regulations and compliance. So there is no chance of being scammed or facing penalties.

Noble Gold Rare Coins

For those who want to have something unique in their investment, Noble brings rare coins for them with several offerings in a row.

Though they may not be IRS-approved, they can still offer diversification and potential appreciation over time, making them an attractive option for investors seeking alternative assets.

Pros and Cons of Noble Gold Investments

Your Money, Your Future! So I can understand when you are planning for a long-term investment for your retirement, there are a lot of uncertainties in your mind.

From this regard, I will recommend you to have a quick glimpse at the best part of this company as well as some factors why you should ignore them.


  • IRA metals selection: Offers diverse options for your retirement portfolio.
  • Positive customer reviews: They ensure high customer satisfaction through the best services.
  • Exclusive buyback feature: Enables easy liquidation of investments whenever you need money or want to swap up your existing account.
  • Home delivery: Offers convenient options for receiving your precious metals from Royal Survival Package.
  • Secured storage: The Texas storage facility from Noble Gold Investments will provide peace of mind for best safeguarding your assets.
  • Educational resources: It helps you make informed investment decisions at every step through educational videos, guides, or resources.
  • Professional assistance: Expert guidance will be there with you throughout your investment journey.
  • Low minimum investment: Typically they allow investors to begin with a relatively small amount of money. It would be a great accessibility for investors of various financial capacities.
  • Quick sign-up: Streamlined process for getting started within only 5 minutes.


  • Doesn’t offer international shipping: There is no investment option available from Noble Gold Investments for overseas investors.
  • Lack of online pricing information: You won’t find transparent pricing information listed on their website.
  • Limited storage options: They offer only two storage options in three different locations, Texas Depository and International Depository Services (Dallas).


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Noble Gold Investments IRA Account Set-up and Pricing Information

As you are on the road to a long-term retirement savings plan, thus you should have clear pricing information about this company.

The clear pricing details will allow you to compare different IRA companies as well as let you understand the total cost of investing.

Before getting into the details let’s have a quick glimpse at the table below to make your further reading easier.

Account Setup Fee: Free of charge
Annual IRA Administration Fee: $80
Annual Storage Fee: $150
Minimum Investment: $20,000
Transaction Fee: Free of charge
Shipping Fee: Free of charge
Royal Survival Packs: Starting at $5,000 (for non-IRA metals)

So as you can see in the table, there is no fee to set up your IRA account with Noble Gold. They don’t even charge for buying or selling precious metals within your IRA.

All you need to start your investment with $20,000, which could be a barrier for many individuals who have plans with lower investments.

Anyway, the company charges  $80 per year as a service fee. This covers the administration and maintenance of your IRA account.

Now if you are choosing their storage and depository option, you can expect to pay up to $150. This additional fee will ensure you secure storage and protection of your precious metals.

Royal Survival Packs: As mentioned earlier, these are exclusive packages from this IRA company that start at only $5,000 and can range up to $500,000.

You have the freedom to choose and customize the package on your own that aligns with your budget.

Why Should You Invest with Noble Gold?

Noble Gold specializes in gold and silver IRAs, which can help diversify your portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

But is that enough to let you make an informed decision for such a valuable investment?

Of course not!

Let me explore some more viable reasons to clarify why this gold IRA company will be the best option for you.

Free Investment Kit

As a reputable gold IRA company, what’s the best you can expect from there?

Along with other best services, there should be an effective guide that will help throughout your IRA journey. Yes, Noble Gold Investments has exactly what you hear.

They offer an effective investment kit, featuring all the details starting from pricing, gold investor basics, and many more you need for a successful investment.

It can be a valuable resource, especially for beginners like me.

It has provided me with a complete overview of IRAs, how they work, gold IRA funding methods, the guidelines of the 401(k) rollover process, market analysis, and much more valuable insights in a single kit.

Trusted Advisors

Noble Gold Investments believes in ensuring the best investment experience for investors through knowledge, not just skill.

That’s why you will find some professional advisors who will guide you through your investment path.

It offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond just picking investments.

With the expertise, each of their advisors will take the time to understand your financial situation, risk tolerance, and retirement goals.

Based on your unique needs, they can recommend suitable investment options within your IRA to create a personalized strategy.

Even that’s not the end here!

One of the advisors helped me develop a long-term retirement plan that was truly effective for me!

Also, I always keep myself up-to-date on market trends and economic conditions through their guidance which helps me enough to adjust my IRA strategy as needed.

Get Going in 5 Minutes

While starting a journey with an IRA company it is common to face various challenges to set up an account with them. But Noble Gold Investments makes the process far easier for you.

With just a few simple steps you have a complete investment document in your hand. By getting your IRA set up quickly, you can start contributing to your retirement savings sooner.

What more? This clear and quick set-up process will eliminate all that paperwork and complex procedures.

If I say about myself, it saved my time and frustration, allowing me to focus on contributing to your IRA sooner.

Start Your Journey with Noble Gold Investments in 3 Easy Steps!

Now the time comes to start your journey with the Noble Gold Investments. These processes are quite straightforward to step in.

Here you go with all the required details:

Step 1: Open Your IRA Account

All you need to do is open an IRA account with Noble Gold Investments first. Visit the Noble Gold Investments website and locate the application form.

The application likely gathers basic information like your name, contact details, and investment goals. If you have queries, you can request for a consultation with their advisors.

Step 2: Fund Your Account

Once your application is done, this is the step when you need to fund your money.

Don’t worry! Noble Gold Investments will do the rest for you. Their IRA expert will guide you through to fulfill the document and complete legal paperwork.

Step 3: Choose the Right Gold and Silver for You

When your funding is done, Noble Gold Investments will ask you to choose the specific gold and silver products you want to invest in for your IRA.

As earlier mentioned, they offer various options on precious metals from which you can choose any of the ones as your preference.

Once you have purchased, Noble Gold Investments will complete the process by choosing the depository where they will ship your asset responsibly.

If you have the Royal Survival Package, they make all arrangements to ship the metals to your doorstep [Emergency case].

Noble Gold Investments Reviews from Top Consumer Websites

Wondering what customers are saying about this IRA company? This dedicated section for you.

If you look through the top consumer website, you will find it receives positive reviews from the consumer with some highlighting their customer service and focus on precious metals IRAs.

Let’s take a closer look at the below quick table:

Top Consumer Website: Ratings: Reviews:
Better Business Bureau A+ 172
TrustLink 5/5 123
Business Consumer Alliance AA 4
Facebook 4.8/5 28
Consumer Affairs 5/5 764
Google My Business 4.9/5 461
Trustpilot 4.8/5 270

Better Business Bureau

Beyond any doubt, Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a helpful resource for gauging a business’s reputation. Millions of businesses trust their unbiased reviews and make valuable decisions.

This reputable website has reviewed the Noble Gold Investments with an A+ rating on the basis of 172 reviews from the customer. This clearly highlights how trustworthy the company is!

Business Consumer Alliance

The Business Consumer Alliance awards Noble Gold an AA rating. But the limited number of reviews (only 4) means it’s difficult to get a definitive picture of customer sentiment from this website.


Noble Gold boasts a high rating (4.8 out of 5 stars) on Facebook based on 28 customer reviews. This highlights the company’s strong customer service and overall satisfaction among its clients.

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is always the top choice among people to ensure both positive and negative experiences of any company or service through scoring.

You will just be amazed to see the rating of Noble Gold Investments from this top-rated consumer website. 5/5 with up to 764 reviews from customers.

Google My Business

Unlike Consumer Affairs, Noble Gold receives a very high rating (4.9 out of 5 stars) on Google My Business with a substantial number of reviews (461).

This indicates a strong positive perception among customers who leave reviews on this platform.


Similar to Facebook, Trustpilot shows a high rating (4.8 out of 5 stars) for Noble Gold with a good number of reviews (270). This suggests a positive customer experience reflected on this review platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does Noble Gold Investments work?

Noble Gold Investments helps you invest in precious metals like gold and silver. They offer IRA services, secure storage, and home delivery.

Experts guide you through purchasing and managing your investments to diversify and protect your portfolio.

Q2. Is Noble Gold Investments a legit?

Yes, Noble Gold Investments is a legitimate company. It has strong customer reviews, high ratings on platforms like Trustpilot and Google, and positive feedback for its services.

This indicates reliability and trustworthiness in the precious metals investment industry.

Q3. Is there any risk involved in investing in Noble Gold Investments?

Yes, investing in Noble Gold Investments carries risks, like any investment. Precious metals can be volatile, and their prices can fluctuate.

Market conditions, economic changes, and geopolitical events can impact the value of your investment. Always consider these factors and consult with a financial advisor.

Q4. Does Noble Gold Investments offer home storage?

No, Noble Gold Investments does not offer home storage for gold IRA. Instead, they provide secure storage through trusted depositories.

In case you purchase metal, you can ship it to your home through their home delivery option.

Q5. Does Noble Gold Investments buy gold?

Yes, Noble Gold Investments buys gold. They offer an exclusive buyback program, allowing you to sell your gold back to them at competitive rates.

This ensures a straightforward and convenient process for liquidating your assets when needed.

In Closing

Noble Gold Investments offers you diverse options for investing in precious metals.

With high customer satisfaction reflected in ratings on platforms like Trustpilot and Google, the company excels in providing you with professional assistance, secure storage, and educational resources.

However, you should consider limitations such as the lack of international shipping and online pricing transparency.

Overall, Noble Gold Investments stands out for its strong buyback program, low minimum investment requirements, and efficient service.

This makes it a solid choice for you if you’re looking to diversify and secure your investment portfolio with precious metals.


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