Patriot Gold Group Review

The global economy has not been looking good in recent times. Huge shifts in prices and stocks have created a volatile environment for various types of assets.

The one market booming in the process is the precious metals one. You are likely in the market for a dependable company to invest with. I have one such company that deserves its shot in the spotlight.

Being awarded the ConsumerAffairs Top Rated Gold & Silver Dealer in the United States is a huge honor. Patriot Gold Group has the honor of winning the award for five years in a row, from 2016 to 2020. This has prompted me to check them out in this review.

Now I’ll start explaining the company services. This will help you check if the company is well suited to your needs.

STOP! Before I go any further, I want you to think carefully about where you’re putting your money. Picking the right company to invest with is a big deal, and I know my advice might help you decide that.

I’ve spent much time looking around and compiled a list of my favorite gold IRA companies. I think you’ll probably find one that’s just right for you.

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Background Information About Patriot Gold Group

Established in 1990, Patriot Gold Group is a Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)-an accredited business. As a well-known coin grading agency, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, has had the firm as a prominent member.

The Los Angeles-based Patriot Gold Group is a market-leading gold IRAs and precious metals provider. The company’s area of expertise is IRAs for precious metals.

To ensure that every transaction involving the purchase or sale of precious metals is simple and secure, it offers coordination services and storage facilities.

The Business Consumer Alliance claims they have been in the precious metals business for more than 30 years, having first welcomed customers in 1990. Consumer Affairs awarded Patriot Gold Group the Top Gold Award for six consecutive years.

Professional Leadership

One of the most renowned figures in the wealth management sector, Chief Executive Officer Jack Hanney, is in charge of the business. He has over 20 years of expertise working as an investment broker in some of the most respected firms in the United States.

Senior partners with expertise in IRA diversification, finance, and portfolio management work with the CEO. The business aids its clients with precious metal investments, with an emphasis on gold.

Patriot Gold Group clients can access taxable and individual retirement accounts to invest in these metals (IRAs).

What Does Patriot Gold Group Do?

Patriot Gold Group helps customers establish precious metals IRAs, often known as gold IRAs, and assists investors in purchasing, selling, and storing these precious metals for investments.

They work directly with clients and provide direct access to Senior Partners who can help open and complete a new IRA within 24 hours.

They help people who are fed up with big banks, the Federal Reserve, fiat currencies, and stock market manipulation take control of their retirement and investment decisions.

Products and Services

You can buy gold bars and coins from Patriot Gold Group and have them delivered to your house or put them in a precious metal IRA.

Additionally, on the company’s website, there are allusions to platinum and palladium, but as of publication, there are no metal products in these categories.

Patriot Gold Group offers over 25 alternatives for gold coins, including proof, private, bullion, and IRA-eligible.

Only products that have been certified can be utilized to benefit from an IRA’s tax advantages because the internal revenue service (IRS) has purity criteria for all precious metals kept in an IRA. A reasonable quantity of gold coins can be kept in a precious metals IRA at Patriot Gold Group.

They sell gold and offer an extensive range of coins and bullion, including:

  • American Gold Eagles
  • American Gold Buffalos
  • Australian Gold Philharmonics
  • South African Gold Krugerrands
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leafs
  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

The coins available for purchase come from different countries around the world, which include:

  • Austria
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • United States

IRA Precious Metals

Patriot Gold Group’s main product is the precious metals IRA. You can invest money into tax-advantaged accounts to invest in gold for your retirement.

Thanks to their committed customer care team, creating an account is simple. It may take 48 hours to fully set up your account.

Patriot Gold Group’s minimum deposit to start an account is $25,000. Compared to similar rivals, this is on the higher end, making it challenging for new investors.

Gold Bars

Patriot Gold Group offers gold bars for sale. They exclusively trade the 10-ounce bars of gold from the Royal Canadian Mint, and the range of their offerings is restricted.

What Does Setting Up an IRA Account at Patriot Gold Group Involve?

Setting up an IRA account at Patriot Gold Group follows these simple steps below:

  1. Transferring it to Patriot Gold Group is straightforward if you currently have a self-directed IRA. To arrange the transfer, contact their phone center. You will be guided through the procedures by a representative, and you will be asked to digitally sign all necessary documents.
  2. Customers generally follow a similar procedure when registering a new account with the company, which begins with calling a Patriot Gold agent. After that, clients are required to complete a registration form on the Patriot Gold Group website. The business can assist you in opening a new IRA or rolling over money from an existing IRA.
  3. The company will help you buy and store your precious metals when you deposit money into your IRA account. Patriot Gold Group will move your tangible assets to the business’s secure vault for storage following each profitable acquisition following IRS regulations.

Once your account is set up, a manager will oversee all your business transactions and suggest more worthwhile investments. The speed at which your custodian transfers the funds will determine when the purchase is made.

Therefore, it is essential to speak with many custodians before selecting one if you have concerns regarding the pace of your transactions. Then, you can select the option with the most effective transfer procedure.

Patriot Gold Group promises that transactions are completed in 48 hours or less from the time the money for your purchase is received. The gold bars or coins will be transported to your storage vault in a fully insured box.

Plans for Competitive Payments

Gold is priced competitively by Patriot Gold Group. Additionally, it has a special arrangement that lets you communicate directly with owners, cutting down on shared expenses for executive and shareholder compensation.

Investment Cost

Even though the pricing of investing in Patriot Gold Group is not clearly stated on the website, some groups spoke with their representative, and here is what to anticipate:

There are two annual fees:

  1. Fee for custodian management
  2. Fee for storage and insurance

Depending on the client’s original commitment, the first one to three years of storage expenses may be free. A “No Fee for Life IRA” is available from Patriot Gold Group for accounts with balances greater than $100,000.

The breakdown is highlighted below:

  1. With a balance of below $50,000, the one-year fee is waived, with the annual fee of $180.
  2. With a balance between $50,000 and $99,999, two years fee is waived, with the annual fee of $180.
  3. With a balance of $100,000 and above, the fee is waived for all the years, with $0 as an annual fee.

Other Fees

Your choice custodian will determine the per-transaction fees, storage costs, and insurance. Patriot Gold Group has a special agreement with Strata Trust and Equity Institutional, but it can work with any custodian of your choice.

Depending on the service you need, custodial fees may change. These costs can reach several hundred dollars. Insurance and storage costs, meanwhile, are influenced by your account balance and the service provider.

Pros and Cons of Patriot Gold Group


  • People receive the same tax benefits and deferrals as they would from a traditional IRA.
  • A quick and simple gold IRA account is opened within 24 hours.
  • A direct line of communication with the partners of the company, who will aid customers in making decisions on the expansion of their investment.
  • Metals worth thousands of dollars are delivered to customers for free.
  • A dedicated, knowledgeable account manager will help clients navigate the process.
  • Lifetime fee-free access to gold and silver IRAs.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • No IRA fees for accounts worth $100,000 and greater.
  • Numerous positive client feedbacks.
  • Guide for gold IRA investors that is cost-free for clients.


  • Patriot Gold Group requires a $25,000 deposit as a minimum to start an account. Comparing this to similar competitors, it is on the more expensive end.
  • Your IRA account cannot contain platinum or palladium at this time.
  • On its website, it does not provide actual coin pricing. To find out the cost of each coin, though, potential customers will need to chat with a company representative.
  • The $225 setup fee is marginally more expensive than the levy imposed by other gold IRA companies.
  • Certain webpage sections are confusing or lacking clarity.


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Where Does Patriot Gold Group Store My Precious Metals?

Storage is one of the trickiest aspects of investing in precious metals because these precious metals are tangible assets that must be carefully stored and protected in secured locations against theft and damage.

Patriot Gold Group has some vault storage solutions to safely keep these metals. It collaborates with numerous depositories across the nation.

Some of these depositories include:

For a fee, the company will, at your request, arrange for the delivery and safekeeping of your gold at any of these depositories. Patriot Gold Group permits investors to safely keep their metals at home for taxable accounts.

IRS regulations typically prohibit IRA holders from keeping these precious metals in their home-based, self-directed IRAs.

Patriot Gold Group, however, provides a complex method that enables investors to keep metals in IRAs at their residences without breaking IRS regulations.

Keeping your metals in a depository is preferable to using the company’s unproven method, which also necessitates that you manage storage and security.

Can I Check the Performance of My Precious Metals IRA?

It is crucial to monitor your portfolio’s success with every investment, as this enables you to modify your investment portfolio and approach.

You will receive an online account which you can use to track your portfolio by the custodian that you are paired with after working via Patriot Gold Group.

You can find current gold and silver price information on the company’s website. These graphs can help you with your investing strategy.

What are My Options for Making a Withdrawal from My Account?

IRS regulations limit when you can begin withdrawing from an IRA. Before you turn 591/2 years, you must refrain from withdrawing funds from the account.

A 10% penalty is added to any withdrawals made before that age, on top of any taxes due. There are two ways to take money out of your self-directed IRA when the time comes, namely:

  1. Patriot Gold Group may assist in moving the precious gold from your storage place to your residence. You can do whatever you choose with the gold coins and bars once you have them in your possession.
  2. The alternative is to sell your metals with the assistance of your account representative, who will then deposit the money received into your bank account. It is the most practical option if you have an urgent need to use cash.

Customer Feedback and Evaluations

You want to be certain that you’re working with a respectable firm whose customer service team can help you when considering opening an account with a new financial institution.

It is especially important if you plan to invest in precious metals such as gold since you need to have faith in the organization you choose to keep your metals with.

Working with a reliable gold IRA agency is even more vital because scammers frequently target the precious metals sector. Patriot Gold Group is a well-known metals dealer with positive feedback from various customers.

According to evaluations, Patriot Gold Group can guide you through diversifying your holdings and provide information on the least expensive and troublesome options. It offers investor prices directly and does not add purchasing costs to your transactions.

There is a one-time setup fee for new accounts, but the first three years of storage are free. You can start as soon as you’re registered, which only takes a day. The company has received overwhelmingly favorable client feedback from independent watchdogs.

Here are a few examples:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): On BBB, clients rated Patriot Gold Group A+ due to the tremendous help provided by the customer representative.
  • ConsumerAffairs: With 154 reviews, the company has received a rating of 5 stars. Amid the glowing testimonials, there haven’t been many complaints or unfavorable evaluations.
    The limited concerns are largely about the transaction costs and disagreements over coin values.
  • TrustPilot: Patriot Gold Group’s dedication to quality is lauded by TrustPilot, a top website for customer reviews. The organization has shared its knowledge of expanding precious metals investments, assisting clients in building their portfolios, and offering the greatest wealth preservation alternatives during its 30 years of profitable operation. Clients rated Patriot Gold Group a staggering 4.6/5, indicating the company’s trustworthiness.
  • Facebook: Sure that based on all evaluations, the business has received a total rating of 4.8 stars.
  • Google: Furthermore, several excellent reviews on Google make a special effort to mention how accommodating, and helpful the firm staff were in setting up the precious metals IRA account.

A Reader May Wonder, How Do I Know that Patriot Gold Group Reviews are Reliable?

Reviews on ConsumerAffairs involved 4,082,669 responders and the following steps were taken:

  1. Reviewers were required to input their addresses in the column provided, as this helps to ensure they were real people partnering with Patriot Gold Group.
  2. Additionally, the integrity of the reviews was validated using clever software.
  3. One of our moderators checked all reviews to ensure their validity and value.

Social Media Accounts of this Company

Trust and client pleasure are the two things Patriot Gold Group values most. It is very responsive and simple to reach via the social networking pages such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Through these channels, clients and potential clients might discover useful information about economic trends, wealth management advice, and other interesting issues about investment that will enable them to make prompt and informed business decisions, thus increasing their wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Patriot Gold Group a legitimate business?

While I have talked extensively about their achievements with Consumer Affairs, there are still plenty of reasons you would think Patriot Gold Group is a scam.

A few negative reviews are bound to happen with any company, regardless of their outstanding service. Just because this company also suffered a few bad ratings does not mean they are a scam. The company has proven itself to be a solid one.

Q2: Is it a good idea to open a gold IRA for your retirement?

As mentioned above, most other assets have become quite volatile to invest in. The price of gold does not fluctuate that much and usually rises.

A gold IRA can be a powerful barrier against inflation. It is a great way to diversify your assets and retirement portfolio. It can also be a great way to protect your savings.

Q3: How does an IRA work for gold?

IRA accounts stand for Individual Retirement Account. They allow a variety of investors to hold gold as a retirement investment. IRA Gold is usually stored in the form of gold coins or bullion.

As opposed to traditional or Roth IRAs, they tend to have much higher fees but come with added benefits. IRA Gold accounts will allow you to transfer or roll over funds from your existing IRA accounts into a gold one. This is completely tax-free!

Q4: Is Patriot Gold Group a good company to buy physical gold?

When you look into physical gold, most people think of gold coins. If you are one of these people, you should have no issues investing with Patriot Gold Group. This company offers an astounding variety of gold bullion and coin.

This puts them in line to be a great company to invest in physical gold. Additionally, you will need space to store this gold once you purchase it.

In this regard, the company has you covered as well. They offer quality and secure vaults for storing your purchased bullion if you do not want to store them at home.


Patriot Gold Group is a wonderful choice if you consider investing in gold, especially if you are preparing for retirement.

You can use it to set up a self-directed IRA, buy gold coins and bars, and discover how to invest in precious metals. Its no-fee-for-life option is a big plus if you are a wealthy investor.


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