Red Rock Secured Review

In today’s shifting financial landscape, securing one’s retirement has become a necessity. The economy grows uncertain every day. This has led to individuals seeking new ways to protect their savings.

For this, my Red Rock Secured review will be able to help. Red Rock Secured has responded to this need by offering a distinct approach to its services.

It aims to help convert your hard-earned money into physical gold and silver. This comes with a focus on IRAs and precious metals.

In this guide, you will dive into the offerings of the company. You will learn about the core values of this business and its services. And unravel the advantages and insights of investing in precious metals with them.

By the end, you will gain a great understanding of how the firm is a reliable partner. It does not matter if you are a seasoned investor or new to this area. This firm has the experience that will guide you towards a secure retirement.

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A Quick Outline of Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured’s journey began in the aftermath of the stock market collapse of 2007 to 2009. Here, investors counted on their investments to balance out stock market drops.

Yet, the decline of both prompted a search for alternative investment options. Gold prices reached heights not seen since 1980. This validated the fears and hopes of many investors.

This business emerged in response to this need. It did so by providing a solution in the form of retirement accounts backed by precious metals. Since its creation, Red Rock Secured has continued to expand.

This gold investing firm commits to tailoring its services to meet the unique goals of each client. This involves the use of value-oriented strategies and the latest investment options.

At the heart of their service is an array of precious metal investment options. This includes physical silver and gold premium products, as well as bullion products.

The company has since stayed true to its core mission. It has done so by safeguarding its clients’ retirements through education. All while providing exceptional customer service and secure premium products.

Defining Qualities of Red Rock Secured

The mission of this pristine business is to provide valuable investment education. They aim to guide you toward the best protection when it comes to investments.

They are able to achieve this through strategic investments in precious metals. This is more often than not through gold.

Here are the main areas where the firm excels. This section shows the effectiveness and care the company puts in its work.

Protection and Price Protection

Red Rock Secured’s primary focus is to protect its clients’ investments and retirement. They pledge that when you invest with them, your portfolio will never reach a value of $0. This commitment to protection is essential in today’s volatile investment landscape.

The business understands the importance of safeguarding your investments. This is especially so in troubling market conditions. To provide clients with peace of mind, they offer a unique Price Protection Plan.

If the price of your metal declines within seven days, the business will cover the difference. This feature highlights their commitment to their clients’ financial well-being. It acts as a great buffer for beginners.

Client-Centric Approach

Client care is at the core of this establishment’s philosophy. The company places a significant emphasis on the security of your investments.

It ensures high levels of communication built on trust and integrity. This approach fosters an essential sense of partnership and transparency.

Clients are not accounts and numbers but partners. Hence, the client’s security and success is also a priority. After all, the client’s success is the company’s success. The result is a partnership that’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Here, you can see the deep commitment to client care. The security of clients’ investments is of the utmost importance. Due to this, they ensure high levels of communication.

This is a realm where financial well-being is at stake. The company’s approach underlines its genuine dedication. This is a level of commitment that you will not find anywhere else!

Educational Guidance on Retirement Protection

Red Rock Secured cares about teaching people. They are on a mission to educate and assist individuals in making wise financial choices. They understand that when people know more, they make better choices.

The company provides a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions. Their commitment to your financial security is evident in everything that they do. Their dedication ensures you’re well-prepared for a secure and worry-free retirement.

They want you to be smart about your money. That’s why they give you a lot of information and knowledge to help you make good decisions.

They know that in today’s world, it is important to stay informed. This is especially so when it comes to your retirement.

On top of everything, they provide you with lots of educational stuff to help you take control. They want you to understand how gold and precious metals can protect your retirement. They care about helping you have a secure future.


Diversification is like having a variety of options to keep your retirement safe. This firm understands that this is an important aspect of their commitment. Their services help protect your retirement for the foreseeable future.

Imagine diversification as a smart plan to keep your retirement money safe. The company offers different ways to make sure your retirement stays safe. Using this approach, you can use your money without any worries.

It is evident that the establishment cares a lot about making your retirement secure. They are able to achieve this through different kinds of investments. This idea is part of what makes the company great and why you should stick with them.

Additionally, the company has products that help your retirement stay secure. Furthermore, they still let you use your money. This shows how much they want your financial future to be great.

Why Should You Trust Red Rock Secured?

At this point, you should have the idea that the company is on your side. Since your success is vital to theirs, it makes sense that you should trust them. Despite this, it is always good to be cautious and to look further into a company.

If you want to look into some concerns about the company, this guide will discuss those further. For now, here are a few aspects of this organization that you should take note of if you are still not sold on it.

Do note that there will be some concerns that this guide will address. It is in your best interest to read till the end. That way, you will have the complete rundown on whether the company is acting for your benefit.

No Fees for Life

Almost 90% of the clients of this organization qualify to pay “zero fees for life.” This may come as good news, but the reality may be different.

Starting off, fees are not posted on the Red Rock Secure website. Furthermore, this is also the case when it comes to their service costs and installation fees.

They also do not cover their smallest installation cost. People have stated this to be anywhere from $1,500 to $25,000.

These investment numbers change based on whether you plan on a cash or IRA investment. Being a wholesaler, Red Rock Secured passes its cost savings on to its clients.

The organization’s gold IRAs come with storage and custodial fees. Unfortunately, there is no specific number on them available.

It is safe to say that the company does not present these prices to the public on purpose. This might be due to their high costs or their high installation cost. Regardless, this is very anti-consumer and does not do the organization any favors.

If you can get past this, the company still remains very favorable. Make sure that you contact them to receive proper prices and information. Only then should you proceed in the investment process.

Free & 1 on 1 Consultation

When dealing with these sorts of matters, it is important that you always have a good team. This organization does not leave its clients to fend for themselves. Instead, you will always have a capable advisor a call away.

Every client deserves a personalized, one-on-one consultation. In these consultations, you can explore your retirement diversification. This unique approach ensures that your retirement strategy aligns with your unique goals.

By having a trained advisor, you can ensure that you get quality advice and the best purchases. Furthermore, if you are on the fence about a certain investment, you can get a second opinion. This means that the firm is by your side all the time!

Products Offered by Red Rock Secured

The firm has its main focus on offering IRA-eligible precious metals. Due to this, their selection of products is somewhat limited. Among their coin types, they have an array of premium bullion offerings.

Metals such as palladium, platinum, silver, and gold coins and bars are all available here. For pricing, you will have to be a representative of the company. When it comes to their products, this guide has you covered.

The following are but a few of the many coins that you can buy:

Coin Types:

  • 2022 1/ 4 oz Red Lion Gold Coin
  • 2022 1 oz Red Lion Silver Coin
  • Canadian Gold Red-Tailed Hawk Coin
  • Canadian Silver Red-Tailed Hawk Coin
  • 2022 Quarter Ounce Gold Sovereign
  • 2022 1.25 Ounce Silver Sovereign
  • 90% Silver U.S. Coin or Junk Silver

Premium Offerings:

  • 1.5 oz Silver Canadian Polar Bear
  • 1.5 oz Silver Canadian Grizzly Bear
  • Gold British Queens Beast 0.25 oz White Greyhound 2021
  • Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Circulated
  • 1/4 oz Gold Canadian Polar Bear & Cub
  • 1.25 oz Silver Canadian Rose Crown Guinea
  • Gold American Eagle 4 pc Set

Bullion Offerings:

  • Gold Bar 50 gram Valcambi CombiBar
  • 1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand
  • 1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz
  • 100 Gram Silver Valcambi Bar
  • 1 oz Gold American Buffalo
  • Platinum American Eagle 1 oz


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Red Rock Secured’s Metal Allocation Services

Choosing the right metals for your investment goals can be a challenging task. The team at the company is there to simplify the process and ensure the protection of your portfolio. They are able to do so by offering custom metal allocation services.

The employees will work with you to help you select the metals that align with your goals. These experts will guide you through the entire process. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of your options.

The team has also established long-lasting relationships within the industry. Doing so has enabled them to provide you with expert advice. Not only do they keep up with market trends, but they provide quality communication, too!

When you invest at this firm, your metals will go in secured vaults that stay within the United States. This means your assets are safe and transferable. You also keep the flexibility to liquidate your metals.

If you want to achieve a secured portfolio, they offer free metals assessments. All you have to do is schedule one whenever you feel like it. This way, you will learn more about investing in precious metals.

Red Rock Secured Complaints and Lawsuit Issues

Red Rock Secured is a company that is not publicly traded. Their main goal is to help clients safeguard their retirement by providing education, secure products, and great customer service. However, recent legal actions show a different side to the company’s reputation.

Major Legal Issues

The company, its principal, and its sales agent face serious charges. The allegations revolve around the fraud of approximately $61.8 million.

These are from over 950 customers across the United States. The period in question spans from November 2019 to at least February 2022.

The lawsuit states that the defendants directed potential customers. They did so to invest in specific precious metal coins. Customers were misled into believing that the company applied low markups.

The reality was that the actual markups ranged from 100 to 130 percent. This ended up causing immediate losses for investors. The firm is accused of collecting a staggering $34.4 million in markups.

Furthermore, the DFPI asserts that Red Rock provided unlicensed investment advice. They go far on saying that they employed scare tactics. These were used to persuade customers to transfer funds and buy overpriced metals.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also joined in on this. They filed charges against Red Rock Secured, mentioning one more person to blame. This is the same as the one mentioned above and has the same issues and conditions.

Various departments are pursuing various measures. This includes the return of ill-gotten gains. There is also a wide range of civil monetary penalties and restitution. Trading bans and permanent injunctions have also been suggested.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Recent lawsuits and allegations against the company have tarnished its perception entirely. Many investors have also come forward. They have shared their negative experiences and accused the company of deceptive practices.

  1. Victim on the Lawsuit: One investor claims to have been tricked by the company. This is part of the same scheme mentioned above. This was despite repeatedly requesting the lowest markup on silver bullion. The lack of transparency on commissions raised many concerns. The investor is aware of an SEC court case against Red Rock Secured. Sadly, he faces the unsettling prospect of waiting 3 to 5 years for a sell-back.
  2. Lack of Communication: This seems to be a recurring issue with many investors. Many express frustration at the company’s unresponsiveness. Investor claims to have received no satisfactory answers at all. This is despite posing specific questions about purchases and fees.
  3. Spam Calls: One complaint highlights the intrusive nature of the firm’s service. An investor claims they never provided their cell number. They go on to talk about receiving several calls from the company.

Important Things to Note About Red Rock Secured

You should know by this point that Red Rock Secure does not guarantee anything. You are responsible for all the risks and decisions. The organization is not liable for any direct or indirect damages.

The people of this firm can only give you advice. Even then, they will not be accountable for any losses or drops. Furthermore, the advisors cannot pressure you into investing in anything either.

Because of these risks, you should look into further financial advice. At the same time, the organization may ask you to hold any metals you buy for years on end; only you decide when to sell. Due to this, you should also have a firm understanding of the market and its nature.

Once you have purchased your precious metals, your sale is final. This means that you will not be able to get a refund or an exchange. You are able to get it exchanged with the same type of metal you have bought, but only in the first 15 days.


At this point, this Red Rock Secured review has covered most of the critical aspects of the company. It is safe to say that the organization has the required experience to make good decisions.

The company seems to want what is best for its clients. This is despite their lack of transparency when it comes to prices. In that regard, you are better off discussing with a representative of the company.

Only by visiting them and talking to an employee can you get a good read on them. Having said that, they seem to be a competent bunch. They are definitely capable enough that they will help elevate the money you put in.


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