The Israeli Lobby Working Against US Interests – Here We Go Again


As I have documented in earlier articles, excessive US support for Israel has made the US hated throughout the Middle East:

The entire Middle East, with the exception of Israel, hates Americans. And not just a little hatred: this hatred led directly to a new terrorism era with suicide bombers, plane hijackings, and 9/11. Foreign policy that creates such hatred is not good foreign policy.

The hatred came not because the US helped establish the Israeli state. Rather, it resulted from the US arming Israel to be its US policeman in the Middle East. Israel used its power to occupy and seize lands from its neighbors. Of course there were provocations. But Israel has been condemned by the UN Security Council for aggressive acts 29 times, far more than any other country in the history of the UN.

And again it happens (from CBS News):

UNITED NATIONS – The U.S. was the sole veto of a U.N. Security Council Resolution, condemning Israel’s settlement activities in the Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem – a Resolution calling the settlements illegal and a major obstacle to peace. The vote of at the U.N. was 14 – 1 with the U.S. exercising its first veto since President Obama came to office — and the only negative vote at the Security Council.

There is no point in getting worked up over this. Going forward, no Middle East country will ever trust the US.

For more on the Israeli lobby and how it interferes with US foreign policy interests, see Mearsheimer and Walt[1].


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